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A Great Gift for Wine Lovers (or Dinner Hosts)

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So hubby and I wanted to get a gift for some good friends of ours who invited us for dinner.

We decided on some wine from a local winery that we like. Then, I thought about how memorable it was when another friend of ours gave us this really nice wine box for our engagement and I decided that we should do the same thing- just to add that extra ‘oo la la’ to the wine.

Well you know me… I immediately dove into Amazon and came upon this treasure (haaaa…see what I did there?? dove…treasure…pirates chest..? nevermind). Look at this wine box!

antique wine box by amazon

I was IMMEDIATELY obsessed! And you know it’s good when I show it to hubby and he’s actually enthusiastic about it. It holds 2 bottles of wine and it’s faux leather. Best of all, it’s super affordable

We bought it RIGHT AWAY (literally an hour ago) and in my enthusiasm, I had to share it here first.

->Click here to check it out<-

I feel this will make a really good gift for a dinner host or any friends and family that are wine lovers.

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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