An Epic Austin Bachelorette Party Itinerary

My sister is getting married in less than a month, I can hardly believe it!
As her Matron of Honor, I happily scored the job of planning her Austin bachelorette party (!!), which took place this past weekend.

I must say, planning everything from scratch and coordinating so many details was difficult at times but this weekend was totally and completely worth it!

The bride was happy, the girls were happy, the vendors we worked with have given great reviews…great time ALL AROUND.
I’ve been named the MVP (which I hope stands for Most Valuable Planner, I’m just saying).

If Austin is on your bucket list (it should be) or you’re in search for Austin bachelorette party itinerary ideas, keep reading to discover all the fun things we did in Austin.

maid of honor and the bride
Me & the bride at Austin Winery


In my experience, the best bachelorette trip is one that represents the bride and prioritizes the things that she likes.

My sister is the runner in our group.
A couple years ago, she ran 5 half marathons in one year so yeah, races are kinda her thing.

No surprise that we kicked off the trip with a 5k (no half marathon- she was merciful to the rest of non-runners).

In addition to running, she enjoys new experiences, girls time and wine so I made sure to incorporate activities that emphasized all of those things.

We stayed in this beautiful AirBnB in Manchaca, TX.
We decided against staying in Downtown or Congress Street for several reasons. We wanted to make this trip as affordable as possible and that meant staying farther away from the expensive hotspots.
We have no regrets- our Airbnb was absolutely gorgeous and gave us a safe, quiet place to go back to every day. The host was extremely generous and her home was well decorated and very comfortable.

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DAY #1 | Arrivals & Tex-Mex

  • Arrivals:
    8 girls in total flew in from all over the country so there were quite a few airport runs. It wasn’t too hard to coordinate because we had rented 2 cars.

  • Lunch at Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ
    What a great intro to Austin! Valentina’s is a no frills tex mex spot (it’s kind of half food truck, half restaurant). They serve filling portions of well seasoned food.
bachelorette swag (for the bridesmaids and bride)
The bachelorette party swag!

  • Settling In
    We checked into our AirBnb, bought water, “dranks” and dinner while the girls trickled in. The girls also unwrapped their bachelorette swag / gifts.

    This would have been a good time to check out some of Austin’s popular nightlife – Congress Street, Sixth Street, Downtown.
    Even though that was our original plan, we spent so much time catching up that it didn’t happen.

  • Dinner at Madam Mam’s Thai Cuisine
    Something about this restaurant just hypnotized us the whole weekend and I know what it is. Their wings! OMG! Their Amazing Thailand wings are a flavor party and will wake all your senses up!

DAY #2 | Pink Tutu Day

  • 5K Run
    We ran The Taylor Garden Club Run of the Roses in Taylor, TX.
    It was a bit of a drive but so worth it. A great group of people were hosting the race; they were extremely friendly and took a great liking to us. Granted, one of the reasons we drew a lot of attention was because of our extremely bright tutus ha!
    Overall, I’m very glad we chose this race. (One of the girls even won a top 3 medal for her age group)!
    • If you’re into running (and want to explore Austin at the same time), check out these city running tours for your Austin bachelorette party itinerary
Running a 5K in tutus for our Austin Bachelorette Party / Trip
As you can see, we were real subtle in our neon pink tutus!
We took this funny picture before our 5k.
One of the girls wasn't there at the moment so we left space to photoshop her in lol.

  • Lunch & Getting Pretty

  • Wine Tasting at The Austin Winery
    A perfect way to “wine down” after an active morning (see what I did there)?
    Wine tasting at this winery is extremely laidback- no reservations needed. You arrive, find a table and then choose between a flight of half glass pours or buying individual bottles to share.
    The place was filled with a diverse group of people, the bartenders were very friendly and the atmosphere was lively. It was the perfect place to talk, be silly and get ready for the evening.

    Some of the other places I considered for wine tasting are:
  • Dinner at Umi Sushi Bar & Grill

  • Kareoke at The Highball
    This place is extremely popular (for good reason) and you need to book online ahead of time. Room reservations open 2 weeks before the date.
    We sung for about two hours and left with hoarse voices (which I believe is a sign that we had a really really good time).

  • Late Night Eats from the same Madam Mam’s Thai Cuisine
    I told you! We were obsessed.

DAY #3 | Poles & Hoops

pole fitness at inner diva studio for our austin bachelorette party
The girls at Inner Diva Studios
  • Pole Dance Class at Inner Diva Studios
    Easily the highlight of our weekend- this was extremely fun!

    Remember how I mentioned that the bride likes new experiences? Well, this was new for all of us.
    Inner Diva offers a wide variety of group or private dance classes. (Note that pole dancing costs more than the others).

    For the pole dancing class, our teacher taught us tricks and a routine. She was very flexible and let us direct our own learning. I think everyone came away with a new respect for dancers; we all agree that pole fitness should be an Olympic sport!
    • Another option for dance classes are the folks at: Diva Dance.

  • Lunch at Macho’s Tacos
    The biggest burritos I’ve ever seen in my life (and I’m from San Diego!) Here, you can get a large amount of good food for a cheap price. Oh, and it’s a family business which I loved supporting.

  • DIY Hoop Bouquets
    Months prior, my sister had decided that she wants us to carry hoop bouquets instead of traditional bouquets.
    So, we turned it into a creative activity to do together at the Bach!
    Sometimes you just need to sit, talk and make something with your hands you know?
    Comment below if you want more information on our DIY hoop bouquets. They turned out beautiful!

  • Dinner
    We ordered from the same Thai place again! It was just too good!

  • Game Night
    After making our hoop bouquets, we played games and laughed until we got tired.
DIY hoop bouquets for the wedding
DIY Hoop Bouquets

DAY #4 | Until Next Time, Austin

  • Brunch at Torchy’s Tacos
    Kinda early for tacos but we were not leaving Austin without going to Torchy’s.
    Everyone else’s favorite was the Baja Shrimp taco but the one I enjoyed the most was the Mr. Orange taco.

    I’d say Torchy’s lived up to the hype!

  • Airport Runs & Departures

We had an amazing weekend.

And I’m saying that despite the fact that we all had sore arms for the rest of the week (because of the pole lessons).

We had just the right mix of physical activity, relaxation time, creative time and chill time. Austin is a great place and I’d recommend it to anyone for a bachelorette trip.

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I hope everyone finds this Austin bachelorette party itinerary very useful!
And if you have extra pointers, leave them in the comment section!

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