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GET THE LOOK: Bohemian Canopy Bed Room

If there were such a thing as “bedroom decor goals”, having a canopy bed one day would FOR SURE be top three on my list. God help me, I love a canopy bed.

One of the reasons is the way that it fills the vertical space in a room, thereby creating a cozy and even romantic atmosphere. With a canopy bed, your bedroom is likely to feel decorated quickly, whether or not you have anything else on the walls.

This week, I came across this pin on Pinterest and I can’t stop looking at it! For those that don’t know, one of my top 3 decorating styles is bohemian-chic, and boy is this boho. There are textures everywhere (lol)! How about the neutral color palette? It keeps the room classy and timeless- this could be a teen’s room, an adult’s room, a guy or girl’s room.

Of course, I had to get my fix and recreate this one. The bed used in this pic is from CB2 (I believe) and it’s $700 guys (cringe). Well, I found a way cheaper alternative that looks exactly the same! Check out all the details below.

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Bohemian style canopy bed room inspiration picture with individual decor items


  1. Canopy Bed | Get this exact bed frame HERE for $214. If not, check out THIS (unrated) option at Amazon.
  2. Juju Hat | $185+
  3. Moroccan Wedding Quilt | $62.99 (Alternative – find a vintage one HERE)
  4. Blue-Green Lumbar Pillow | $20.30
  5. Lamps, Set of 2 – click for the updated price on Amazon
  6. Campaign Nightstand | $199.99 (Find a cheaper alternative HERE)
  7. Pouf, Brown – click for the updated price on Amazon
  8. Star Chandelier – click for the updated price on Amazon
  9. Fringe Rug – click for the updated price on Amazon
  10. Zig Zag Pillow (not pictured)| $25.80

GRAND TOTAL* = $1,160.73

*based on prices at the time of publishing this post

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**Prices are correct at the time of publishing this post. Prices may change**

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    • Deze

      Yes! That lamp is gorgeous! And the way it ties in with the throw pillow is even better! Hope you’ll be back Charlotte- thanks for commenting.

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love this post! I’m really hoping to get my own house in the next 2-3 years, so I’m constantly looking at bedroom and home decor inspiration. This look is amazing and I love how you’ve given us all the links to find this stuff. I’m not sure if you are already, but are you an interior designer/interior design student? If not, you should consider it! Thanks for sharing x

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