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12 (themed) BOX OF SUNSHINE IDEAS guaranteed to spread joy

What if you could put happiness in a box and literally brighten someone’s day? You can do that with a box of sunshine. Here are 12 unique box of sunshine ideas that you will want to make right now!

box of sunshine ideas

A sunshine box is a care package full of items that are yellow or in yellow packaging.

The idea is for someone to open the box and feel a wave of the same warmth and happiness that the sun would give.

It is extremely easy to make and give a sunshine box- just put together anything you find that is yellow!

However, if you want to make one that is extraordinarily special or you want to send a gift for a specific reason or special occasion, you should make a themed sunshine box!

Keep reading to find 12 (+ a bonus) themed box of sunshine ideas that you can copy or get inspiration from! Below each photo, you will find all the details to tell you where to get all the yellow goodies that you need to stock an amazing sunshine box!

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1| The Self Care & Pamper Box

Maybe an overwhelmed mom… Maybe an overworked friend… Maybe an anxious sibling…

Whenever you want to send a care package that encourages rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, send a self-care themed sunshine box for a well-deserved day of pampering.
It will put a smile on their face.

self care themed sunshine box
Self Care Themed Sunshine Box

2| The ‘Get Well Soon’ Box

After surgery, in bed with a chronic illness or hit with an unexpected diagnosis, you can make them feel a little bit better with a vibrant box that screams “GET WELL”!

Let them know you send your well wishes with a box of soothing wellness items like teas, herbs, balms, wipes, and the other ideas listed below.

get well soon sunshine box
The ‘Get Well Soon’ Sunshine Box

3| The Student Themed Sunshine Box

For the student taking finals or a new college student, living far from (or close to) home, send a sunny box of school supplies or familiar treats from home. It’s such a sweet way to show support!

sunshine box for a student
The perfect sunshine box for a student

4| The ‘Welcome to Your New Home’ Box

Moving to a new place or into a new space can be scary and anxiety inducing. But, getting a yellow and sunny gift basket from your friend, neighbor or anyone is a sure way to turn that anxiety to excitement! Fill your housewarming sunshine box with useful or decorative home related gifts like art, candles, coasters or even treats! Check out more ideas below…

sunshine box for a new home
Sunshine box for new neighbors or housewarmings

5| ‘Best Friends Forever’ Themed Sunshine Box Ideas

To remind your BFF of the amazing times that you’ve had together, send them a cheerful box of things that they love, things that remind them of your inside jokes and things that remind you both of why you’ll always be best friends forever.

happiness box for best friends
Sunshine Box Ideas for Best Friends

6| An IVF & Trying To Conceive Box

For those that know of my Fertility Journey, you will know that I have a special place in my heart for anyone trying to conceive or going through infertility or pregnancy loss.

Going through infertility or fertility treatments like IVF is a very difficult and, oftentimes, isolating experience. If you have a friend or family member in this position, send them a sunshine box with supportive gifts that will encourage them and lift their spirits.
(If you see a lot of pineapples, it’s because the pineapple in a popular symbol within the infertility community).

IVF infertility box of sunshine ideas
IVF / Trying To Conceive-Themed Sunshine Box

7| The Faith Themed Sunshine Box

Let your light so shine that the world may see…by giving a Christian-themed sunshine box! Showing love and compassion by sending a radiant box full of the following items is a form of ministry.

religious box of sunshine ideas
Christian Themed Box of Sunshine Ideas

8| The Summer Vibes Sunshine Box

Know someone that can’t wait for the summer? I don’t blame them. Out here in the Midwest, it feels like winter is never going to end.
When the sun is what you are craving, a yellow box of summer is sure to warm your soul. Grab a box and add lots of yellow cozy items as well as things that remind you of summer fun.

summer and happiness box ideas
A Box of Summer

pictured: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

9| The Fitness Themed Sunshine Box

What a great gift for anyone that takes their physical activity seriously. For the person with an upcoming race/marathon or for the yoga/Zumba/exercise teacher that you know, send a fitness themed sunshine box that shows them that you value what they hold important.

10| The Romantic ‘I Love You’ Box

Who says the color of romance has to be red or pink?
It could just as well be yellow. If your sweetheart needs cheering up or you just want to send a unique and thoughtful gift, put together some yellow, lovey dovey items and watch their face light up!
(pro tip- This is a great idea for long distance relationships)!!

11| The Sunshine Box of Encouragement

When someone you know is going through a discouraging experience, a care package may be all that is needed to bring them back from the dumps. Send them a cheerful box of encouragement that says “I think you’re amazing!”.

12| For Kids Only Box

Kids Need Love too!
And you can show your little one a little extra love by gifting them a bright care package with lots of yellow toys and goodies. It is wonderful for situations when your kid is sad, sick or missing home but it will work whenever you want to bring a smile to their face.

  • Some ideas are:
    • Lego building blocks
    • Puzzles
    • Walkie Talkies
    • Stuffed Toys
    • Books
    • Play-Doh
    • School Supplies

Finally, you don’t need an occasion or theme to send a box of sunshine!

The most simple way to do this is to put together a bunch of snacks that are packaged in yellow!
Because who doesn’t like snacks!?

Just Because Snack Box

You can go the extra mile by personalizing snacks to the recipient.
For example, you can send gluten free snacks for your celiac sensitive friend or vegan snacks for your vegan friend.
Just stuff the box with snacks from your local store and you are ready to go.

& If you want to just want to purchase a ready made sunshine snack box, you can buy one here –> SUNSHINE SNACK BOX

snack box of sunshine
‘Just Because’ Box of Sunshine!
  • Pictured:
    1. Lays Chips
    2. Butterfinger
    3. Laffy Taffy
    4. Golden Oreos
    5. Famous Amos Cookies
    6. Peanut M&Ms
    7. Izze Sparking Peach
  • Other ideas:
    1. Funyuns
    2. Toblerone Chocolate
    3. Juicy Fruit Gum

Send a box of happiness today because, darn it, this world needs more joy, happiness and smiles!

I hope you enjoyed these themed box of sunshine ideas.

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