• toxic mindsets that successful people dont have
    Self Growth

    5 Toxic Mindsets To Leave in 2020

    When you take a look at your life, do you see what you want to see? I’m not talking about whether all of your goals have been met or whether you have all the money that you would like.What I mean is- do you feel like you’re on a journey towards your best, most successful self daily? If you can’t…

  • life updates from byDeze.com
    Life Updates & Chit Chat

    Life Lately – No. 5

    Happy freakin’ July everyone. We are officially in the second half of this strange, crazy crazy year. I just have ONE question: HOW ARE YOU?Are you thriving? Are you just surviving? I saw a great tweet about 2020 that made me chuckle (and also wonder if time travel is real). I will never think of that quote the same after…

  • life updates from byDeze.com
    Life Updates & Chit Chat

    Life Lately – No. 4

    I feel like I went to sleep and woke up on Jupiter or something. The world is completely different from how it was during my last life update. Catch Up….Life Lately – No. 1Life Lately – No. 2Life Lately – No. 3 How are YOU?I hope you are healthy, happy, keeping sane and staying inside. What I’ve Been Up To…

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    48 FUN Things To Do When Stuck At Home (by yourself)

    My my, these are very VERY interesting times. I’ve watched movies, shows and read books about pandemics and global panic but I never actually thought I would live through one myself. This week, my supervisor notified us that over the next few weeks, we may all have to work from home. Let me tell you why we were all shocked.…