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Weekly Find: 5′ Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Under $60


I’m about to hook you up.

Short Backstory:

When we moved into our house about 7-8 months ago, I wanted a tall floor plant but I wanted needed it to be low maintenance and of course, affordable (read my About Me to learn why).

After much digging, I found this beautiful 5 foot faux fiddle leaf fig that was selling for under 60 dollars with amazing reviews. Man, I snatched it up so fast, I think I held my breath the entire time.

It didn’t disappoint. I took it out, fluffed it, and voila! Gorgeous!

EVERYONE that has seen it so far has wanted one. Unfortunately, it’s so popular, that it’s been out of stock for months. 


my fiddle leaf fig

You’re not going to get a faux tree of this height and price anywhere else! I’ve looked and they are usually $100+.

And if you think I’m being sponsored- Haaaaaa! You’re funny because only like ten people read this blog every day lol.

>>GRAB IT HERE FOR $58.50!<

DON’T miss this deal and comment below if you snagged one!

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