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How to Make the Ultimate Gluten Free Care Package for Your GF Friends

Looking for gluten free care package ideas? This epic list of GF items & ready-made gluten-free gift baskets will make the hunt extremely easy.

gluten free care packages

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When putting together a care package, one of the most important things (if not the most important thing) is to make it very specific to the recipients needs or situation.
(For example, a care package for her period or an IVF care package for someone getting fertility treatment).

That being said, it is very important to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences.

Gluten free diets are no longer just for those with celiac disease.

Eliminating gluten has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation and is often part of an elimination diet.
(FYI: An elimination diet is when you eliminate certain groups of foods and then over time, slowly reintroduce them to see which ones you have sensitivities or symptoms to).

As someone that struggles with endometriosis, adopting a gluten free diet is often suggested to me for getting rid of endo belly and reducing pain.

This all means that you are more likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to make a gluten free care package.

If you’re in that situation now, I’ve got some great ideas for you.

Common Reasons You Might Want to Send a GF Care Package to Someone You Love

You can technically send a GF Care Package whenever gifts are appropriate. For any festivity, occasion or just to bring sunshine to someones day.

Some specific groups of people that would enjoy a gluten free care package are:

  • Someone newly diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity (so that they can explore different GF options and discover what they like)
  • To anyone with celiac disease
  • As part of a gift box for endometriosis and other inflammatory diseases
  • Someone that is gluten free in a small town, away at college, or deployed
  • For yourself, to discover a new variety of gluten free snacks that you can grab on the go

21 Delicious Gluten Free Items to Put in Your Care Package 

It’s fairly easy to put together your own gluten-free friendly care package. It may not always seem like it but there are tons of store bought snacks that are gluten free.

Hopefully this list answers your question of “what can I put in a gluten free care package?”

  1. Popcorn
  2. Chips
  3. Homemade gluten-free cookies
  4. Fruit 
  5. Teas
  6. Fresh veggies and GF dip 
  7. Canned GF soup 
  8. Wine
  9. Pretzels
  10. Fruit Snacks
  11. Rice crackers with peanut butter
  12. GF candy 
  13. Nuts
  14. Seeds
  15. GF trail mix
  16. Sports drinks
  17. Coffee
  18. Beanitos
  19. Veggie Stix 
  20. String cheese
  21. Applesauce
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Best Gluten Free Gift Baskets (When You Don’t Have Time to DIY) 

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to buy something that is already put together!

Maybe you don’t have the time.
Maybe you want a care package with unique picks or design.
Or maybe you want something that you can order to be delivered to your gluten free friend (or family member).

Whatever the reason, here are 9 really yummy & interesting readymade gluten free gift baskets.

>> Pro-Tip!

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These are the best gluten free care packages for anyone that you know on a GF diet.

Lots of these are also appropriate care package ideas for those that are vegan.

Which one is your favorite?

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