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20 People Share Their Best Home Management Tips To Buy You Time In 2021

One thing that I really don’t like is grinding and adulting all week…working, being wife goals, making meals, errands… just to wake up on a good Saturday that the Lord has made to start the hustle of cleaning and home upkeep!

Especially those weeks when the house has really gotten out of control and you know it will take lots of time to get back on track?

I’m telling you, it really grinds my gears.

But what is a girl gonna do?
I love to eat so I’ve gotta cook. I love the peace and serenity of a clean and organized home so I have to clean and organize.

I always appreciate it when it’s done but boy, do I wish it would take less time.

I am ALWAYS. You hear me? ALWAYS! on the hunt for home management tips and shortcuts- things that get the results I like in less time.

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I asked some of my fellow bloggers to share one thing that they’ve done to be significantly more efficient in managing their home (organizing, cooking, cleaning, bills, etc)

And they really delivered.
Keep reading for home management tips that will make you more efficient and save you time so that you can focus on doing the things you love.

(Read all the way to the end for my tips).

a funny sign about household management and cleaning. It says "This house was clean yesterday. We're sorry you missed it".

21 Efficient Home Management Tips

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First thing I do when I come home from work is spend 10 minutes tidying up, loading dishwasher, putting laundry in basket, sweeping. Since I only have about an hour and a half at home awake between being at work most of the time, this really helps keep on top of things.



“Clean kitchen at night” has been life changing – somehow getting the kitchen under control every night reduces stress and motivates me. 

Sarah from birchlandinghome.com
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By far the most impactful change I’ve made is using Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery.
I save so much time using the free grocery delivery and it’s really destressed meal planning and cooking too.

Leah from www.littlehouseatl.com

a bike delivering groceries. grocery delivery is efficient home management.

Index card method.
Take an index card and write down what needs to get done for that day. Cross things off as you do them. At the end of the day (or whenever you do your next index card) put what you didn’t get done on the next index card. It’ll help you not get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. Just focus on the card.

Briana from learningtobefree.com


A cleaning schedule so I am not spending my only free days off cleaning the entire house, every week.
I break it up into smaller bits of cleaning everyday.
Example: Thursday’s I clean the bathrooms. Friday’s I sweep and mop the floors.

Leah from notahugger.com


I’ve embraced the mindset of “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”.

This has helped me curb my tendency to procrastinate over tasks around the home that I don’t want to do. For example, instead of piling dishes in the sink for later, I now wash them as soon as I’m done eating.
By removing the element of choice, I’ve become much more efficient at just getting stuff done instead of delaying.

Jen from ahomereimagined.com


Automating my finances to auto-pay bills and depositing money into financial accounts as money comes in the bank account.

Riley from youngandtheinvested.com
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Instead of cooking every day, we now cook a large batch of food twice a week and eat it throughout the week. This way we don’t spend time making food and cleaning up each night. Although we tend to make a quick new meal on weekends when we have extra time, as burgers can’t be made days in advance.


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Always keep a clean kitchen counter.

Initially it required both thought and effort to keep the counter tidy.
Around three weeks in, the process became not only automatic but easy.

Kate from mysweethomelife.com


As well as the process above, we also made sure the dishwasher was emptied in the morning so that nothing had to be left on the counter or in the sink.
These actions together meant that doing the kitchen every night shifted from being a 25 minute job to a 10 minute job.
That’s a time savings of over three hours a week just like that!

Kate from mysweethomelife.com

An orange lego. Here are home management tips on toy organization.

Staring a toy rotation system!
The majority of our toys are stored in the basement and we bring up different toys periodically.
This cuts way back on the clutter and the kids are so excited to get their ‘new’ toys!

Cindy from livingforthesunshine.com
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Using my freezer to it’s full potential has been a game changer for me! Not only has it saved me time, but it’s also saved me money. If I’m worried something will spoil before I can use it, it goes into the freezer. If I find something on sale for a great price, I’ll buy extra and freeze it. I also love to cook up extra chicken and ground beef to freeze to make dinner prep faster on busy nights- half of the work is already done for me on many recipes because the meat is already cooked! And being able to double recipes and freeze half to use at another time has helped me be so much more efficient!

Lydia from thriftyfrugalmom.com
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I use time blocks to help me focus 100% on the task at hand whether it be family time, a workout, or working.
Time blocking just means to plan a 60-90 minute block of time to only do one activity.
During this block, I turn my phone off and eliminate any distractions so that I can focus completely on the task at hand.
I find doing one thing at a time helps me be more productive, happier and have more free time!

Kalee from kimandkalee.com
More info on their post about time blocking


Setting a timer.
Similar to time blocking, I set a timer for all tasks. I basically compete with the clock to see how much I can accomplish in the allotted time. It’s great for chores, organizing and even self care 🙂

Yolanda from putthekettleon.ca
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a picture of a timer because home management tips save you time.

I like to prep crockpot friendly freezer meals on Sunday nights to make for dinner through the week.
You just put all the ingredients needed for one crockpot recipe in one large zip lock bag (times 5) and store them in the freezer.
Pull one out at a time to dump in the crockpot early afternoon, it’s ready by dinner time.

Jessica from anyreasonlife.com


In my kitchen, I hang my pots and pans on a rack in my pantry, instead of keeping them stacked in a deep cabinet that’s hard to reach.
This makes seeing what I have so much more efficient, which means I’m more likely to use the right pan for the job when cooking!

Kait from slumberandscones.com
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My husband and I use a Trello board to keep track of our tasks at home. When we get busy, things can be too out of sight, out of mind. So, we started writing our weekly tasks on our bathroom mirror using dry erase markers. It’s very hard to ignore and our to-do list actually gets done.

Charity from vintagekitty.com


To manage my finances, I created a thorough monthly budget overview printable filled with various possible categories. Using that, I mark the different expenses I have each month. This helps me create a workable budget that gives every dollar I bring in a purpose.

Ozella from theintentionaldollar.com


I use a grocery shopping list app (AnyList).

My husband can use his phone to add items to the list as well. As soon as an item runs out, I add it to the list. This way if I’m at a store, I can quickly look at the app to see what we need. It cuts down on texting back and forth about grocery items and saves a ton of time.

Stephanie from Mommysaurus.com

a clean and white console with a clock, lamp and plant.

I stopped multi tasking.
When I am working (I work from home) I am working.
From 3-7 pm, laptop and phone gets put away and I focus on my home and family.
I get lots more done when I’m not interrupting my work to put laundry in the dryer. And my meals are better and my house is cleaner.
Focus, instead of trying to do all the things, all the time.

Lisa at adayinourshoes.com


Here is one of my top home management tips:

Bring less STUFF into your home.

Seriously, if you can avoid it, don’t let it cross the threshold of your door.

This means mail fillers, random handouts at work, church bulletins, things that you don’t really need but think you “may find a way to use”.

The less stuff you bring in, the less clutter. The less clutter, the less cleaning and organizing and the more peace at home!!

Check out my post on home filing tips for the best way to organize your paper clutter.


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My main takeaway from many of these home management tips is that if I can focus on one thing at a time (no more multitasking!) and create a schedule to do a little bit every day, I shouldn’t end up moaning and groaning every Saturday.

I’m looking forward to implementing these great hacks for more efficient home management.

What is your home management tip to share?


  • Lydia

    What a fun list! I love efficiency and it’s kind of a game for me to figure out ways to become more efficient. So I really enjoyed reading over this list and seeing which of these things I already do and also getting ideas for things that I could implement.

    • Deze

      I’m the same way! I’m always looking for the next tip that will shave minutes off my to-do list.
      Thanks a ton for contributing Lydia!

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