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Life Lately – No. 4

I feel like I went to sleep and woke up on Jupiter or something.
The world is completely different from how it was during my last life update.

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Life Lately – No. 3

How are YOU?
I hope you are healthy, happy, keeping sane and staying inside.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

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What’s been going on with me?

Well, first, I must preface this update by saying that I am determined to not whine or complain about what’s going on.
I am just entirely TOO blessed in the middle of all this craziness.
To complain would be downright ungrateful.

As you may know from my post, Things To Do When Stuck At Home, I was approved to work from home (hallelujah for a job, amen?).

It has been a major transition.

When I first started this job, working from home was about as likely as working from the moon. It was just a big fat “NO and don’t mention it again” vibe.
And now, here we are… working from home.

I’m grateful.

The biggest perk of working from home is the most obvious: rolling out of bed right before work.

I’m not much of a morning person so cutting out an hour and a half of preparation and commute time is *muah* perfection!
It’s also extremely nice to work in socks and leggings.

Above all, I’m thankful for the opportunity to stay safe and relatively, unexposed.

Now, I want to give myself a shout out for something.

Obviously, one big thing with the lockdown is that a lot of restaurants are closed. Yes, some restaurants are offering take out but most of what we like is closed. (First world problems, I know).

Well, I have to pat myself on the back because….I have been KILLIN’ it with meal planning lately.

I’m cooking almost daily and I’ve been very consistent about maintaining our food inventory (avoiding grocery stores for 2-3 weeks at a time), having a plan for every day and keeping our meals tasty while incorporating lots of variety.

I’m proud of myself (though as soon as my favorite Thai restaurant opens up, all bets are off).

By the way, I have a post with some of my favorite tips on meal planning -> Meal Planning Hacks For Busy (or Lazy) People.

Finally, if you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA from the blog, I have!

I’ve been working on a fun project that I will be debuting in May.

It’s something completely new for me and I’ve been busy learning new skills and investing the time needed for it to succeed. Hence, why I’ve been MIA.

I’m sorry for being missing in action but I’m VERY excited about this new project and I think you guys will like it!
So, stay tuned for its debut next month!

Where We Are On
Our Fertility Journey

I don’t know.
Lol, I just really don’t know.
We’re trying but also, not really trying that hard??

With all that’s going on (and all the changes), it feels like we just don’t have the brain capacity for TTC right now.

I do have some updates though:

  • I’ve started reading “It Starts With The Egg” which is a very very verrrry popular fertility book about improving your egg quality by changing your lifestyle and supplementing.
    So far, it’s been a pleasant and easy read.
    I’ve already changed some things in our life because of what I’ve read.
  • I’m taking Vitamin D now.
  • As recommended by the above book, I am trying to take N-acetylcysteine every day but it’s been hard because that stuff is nasty!!
  • I plan to start ubiquinol soon.
    I just need to buckle down and buy some.

What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Things I Can’t Wait To Do
When Lockdown Is Over

I’m skipping over the “what I’ve been enjoying” section this time.

This time around, I want to share something more fun like…
a list of the TOP TEN THINGS that I can’t wait to do when our stay at home orders are no longer necessary!

Here’s my list-

  1. Get a pedicure with the works!!!
    OMG my feet are angry with the world lol!
    They have never been so dry and ugly-looking in my whole entire life. Usually when I go in for a pedicure, I get the most simple one they have.
    But this time? Oh, I want the WORKS!
    Yes ma’am, give me all the gels, hot stones, massages and fancy creams you’ve got- I deserve it!!
  2. A whole week of takeout
    You can judge me all you want sis, I understand.
    But like I said, I’ve been cooking nearly every day for over a month.
    So, when this is all over, I want my Thai food, my Indian food, my Mexican food, my everything food.
    Put it all in my stomach.
  3. Dress up and attend church in person
    My my my, worshipping in person is going to feel SO….GOOD.
  4. Get my hair done (and tip my hairstylist majorly!)
  5. Get on a plane to visit family
    I miss traveling so much.
    This summer was supposed to be our big summer to travel but apparently, God was laughing when we planned that.
    So, whenever this all blows over, I cannot wait to get on a plane to visit family, friends or frankly just go anywhere!
    I need to be on someone’s beach ASAP!
  6. Get my eyebrows done. I need to social distance from this unibrow that is forming on my face.
  7. Stand in a large crowd for absolutely no reason.
  8. Go to a farmers market
    Random one I know- but I feel like there’s so much anxiety centered around grocery stores and grocery shopping right now.
    When farmers markets come back, somehow I feel like that will be a sign that things are near normal.
    Mingling, buying good produce, supporting local businesses and the allure of discovering new things? Can’t wait.
  9. Go to Home Goods (or other stores like that)
  10. Go to the gym – just kidding lol!
    I’m excited for my hubby to be able to go again though!

That’s my list!
Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand the importance of lockdown and it’s a PRIVILEGE to be in my position.
But, can a girl look forward to some better days? I think so.

Whats on your list!?
What are the things you CANNOT WAIT to do after lockdown?

Share below in the comments & THANKS for reading!

That’s LIFE LATELY by me- Deze

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