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DIY MONEY GIFT WRAP: 2 Easy, Creative Ways To Gift Cash

Using real money as wrapping paper is a creative way to gift cash. And who doesn’t love cash? Here are 2 simple ways to create money gift wrap.

2 ways to gift wrap with money

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Recently, I’ve been having fun discovering new ways to gift cash.

Remember when I made this fun money dispenser with a tissue box? A great gift for birthdays and graduations.

Well today, I’m sharing my latest project- using real paper money as gift wrap!!

I’m showing you two methods. Both are really straightforward but super impressive. I can almost guarantee you a “wow!” when you give these to people.

Please remember to use an easy to remove tape so that the cash isn't torn when they remove the tape later on.
pro tip : Some unique ways to make these DIYs extra special is to:

1. Use rare bills like 2 dollar bill notes.
2. Use colorful currency from different countries. 
(Which is an awesome way to wrap a gift for someone moving out of the country or a care package for a student studying abroad).

How To Make A Cash Gift Bow & Ribbon

Out of the 2 methods, this first one is slightly more complicated. Still easy! Just takes a bit more finessing.

This first thing to know is that this cash gift bow is best used on gift boxes (or packages) that are on the small side.

You see- it only works if the the length of the gift box is no longer than the length of a real dollar bill. The dollar bills need to be able to fold over the side of the package when taped starting from the middle of the box.

The dimensions of the box I used below are: 6.75″ x 4.5″ x 3.3″H.

Here are the DIY details:

dollar bill gift bow

The materials that you need for this project are:

turn dollar bills into money gift bow

Steps To Make The Gift Ribbon with Dollar Bills:

  1. Crease a dollar bill down the middle (the long way) by folding the bill in half.
  2. Open it back up and fold both sides of the dollar bill to the middle crease.
  3. Close both sides in on the crease (like closing a hot dog bun).
    You will end up with a folded bill that resembles a thick ribbon.
  4. Do this with three more dollar bills to make 4 “ribbons” all together.
  5. Tape one dollar bill on each side of the gift box, starting from the center of the box and extending off of the sides of the gift box.
  6. Tape down the sides of each dollar ribbon. You should end up with a “+” shape on the top of the gift box.
step by step folding cash into a gift bow

Now we’ll make the bow for the top of the gift box.

Steps to Make the Dollar Bill Bow:

  1. Take the 5th dollar bill and fold it in half the long way.
  2. Fold each short side (the sides with the dollar bill amount) to the middle.
    (For best results, they should criss cross a little in the middle).
  3. Turn it over and pinch the center of the folded bill together. You should see that it resembles a bow.
    (This is going to work better with older bills that are not too stiff. With stiff bills, you are probably going to have to crinkle and fidget with the bow to get it to look how you want).
  4. Tie the middle where you have it pinched with a ribbon so that it stays pinched.
  5. Tape your bow to the middle of the “+” on the gift box.
money gift bow gift wrap

Voila and great job!

You’ve successfully gift wrapped a box with ribbons and a bow made out of cold hard cash.

How To Make Money Gift Wrap

In my opinion, making a sheet of gift wrap with paper currency is easy but still packs a punch. It’s one of those things that looks way more impressive than the time it took to make it.

IMPORTANT: the size of your gift box determines how many dollar bills you will need. 
For this reason, I wouldn't recommend gift wrapping something very large like a TV in this custom gift wrap (unless you've got it like that then by all means!). I think this is a nice way to wrap a small gift.

In this tutorial, I covered a 3.75" x 3.75" x 1.5" box with 6 one-dollar-bills.
cash gift wrap

The materials that you need for this project are:

dollar bills to real money gift wrapping paper

Steps To Make The Money Gift Wrap:

  1. Lay out the dollar bills next to each other to make sure you have enough to cover the gift that you’re wrapping.
  2. Once that is confirmed, start taping the bills together by overlapping the white borders of each dollar bill.
    Using the borders will help you to keep the sheet straight and the dollars aligned.
  3. When your sheet is completely taped together, place the gift box on the taped side and wrap it like you would a normal gift!
step by step money gift wrap
Step-by-Step Gift Wrapping with a Sheet of Dollar Bills

You’re about to make someone VERY happy with this gift wrapping!

Add one of my free printable gift tags for birthdays or for Christmas to complete this gift wrapping project.

What are some other cool ways to gift cash that you know of? I’m always looking for more to try!

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