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    In my opinion, the best gifts to give are the ones that meet the recipient’s need. As I support my husband through his medical residency, I’ve observed first hand that his top 3 needs are things that save him time, things that make him a better (and more efficient) physician and things that relieve stress. With that in mind, I…

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    My Fertility Journey

    What To Do For ENDO BELLY

    Long before I or my doctor suspected endometriosis and even before I started having endometriosis-related pain, I was experiencing ENDO BELLY. Take our trip to Aruba for example. I had exercised for weeks prior. Most of my body was smaller but my stomach had bloated so bad that when I met a new friend on Flamingo Beach and we were…

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    Life Lately – No. 2

    I’m baaaaaaaaaack 🙂 It’s been a couple months since my last life update. So many things are changing right about now. The holiday season is starting. We are on the cusp of a new year and I’m already thinking reflections, vision boards, yearly mottos, goals, etc. I kind of had the intentions to make this a quarterly thing (every 3…

    My Fertility Journey

    A Firsthand PRESEED Review (+ Tips For Use)

    I’ve been wanting to share this PreSeed review for a while. Remember when I wrote 6 funny things about the TTC Journey? You’ll remember that one (ironically) funny thing about the journey to fertility is that you become a product junkie and find yourself trying a lot of different products for getting pregnant. Well, one of those products which I’ve…

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    5 Myths About Marriage That Just Aren’t True

    Recently on Twitter, there was a tweet that got a LOT of attention from married people. READ IT HERE: Oh man! The comment section on this tweet was LIT UP with married people who wanted to dispel the myths about marriage that lead to unrealistic expectations like the one above. I’ve decided that I HAVE to speak on it. Like…