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    48 FUN Things To Do When Stuck At Home (by yourself)

    My my, these are very VERY interesting times. I’ve watched movies, shows and read books about pandemics and global panic but I never actually thought I would live through one myself. This week, my supervisor notified us that over the next few weeks, we may all have to work from home. Let me tell you why we were all shocked.…

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    Life Updates & Chit Chat

    Life Lately – No. 3

    Why hello there blog fam! It’s been an EVENTFUL few months since my last life update. Catch Up….Life Lately – No. 1Life Lately – No.2 What I’ve Been Up To Lately Over the last 3 months, my life has revolved around one major event: my sisters wedding. First off all, as I announced on Life Lately #2, we went to…

  • the bright side of infertility
    My Fertility Journey

    The Bright Side(s) Of Infertility

    I know what you’re thinking. From the title of this post, you’re wondering if I’ve actually, finally lost my mind.Because there are just some things (like infertility) that just can’t have a bright side, right? Well… you’re kind of right…..infertility and pregnancy loss are definitely the opposite of good. But hear me out… In my quest for positivity and mental…

  • an epic austin bachelorette party itinerary

    An Epic Austin Bachelorette Party Itinerary

    My sister is getting married in less than a month, I can hardly believe it!As her Matron of Honor, I happily scored the job of planning her Austin bachelorette party (!!), which took place this past weekend. I must say, planning everything from scratch and coordinating so many details was difficult at times but this weekend was totally and completely…