22 of the Best & Prettiest Planners For 2022

I, along with all of you, am expecting A LOT from the year 2022.

It may sound cliche but I am looking forward to new beginnings. 

New motivation. New goals. New focus. And new plans.

For all that to start happening, the first step is to buy a brand new, official, 2022 planner. 

This is where all of the moves will be planned, the prayers written down, the goals tracked and the day to days planned out.

The best planners don’t just have a calendar, they also motivate you, help you reflect, and give you space to track your goals. 

HOWEVER!!! In all my years using a planner, I have also found that the best planners are pretty. 

Let’s be real! A pretty planner makes you excited to carry it with you, to open it and to actually use the thing!

And that’s important because if you never actually use your planner, its just a fancy stack of papers.

So, as we are all on the lookout for a great year, set yourself up for success by snatching up one of these pretty & super useful planners for 2022!


A curated collection of the prettiest and most unique agendas to help you make the most of 2022.

Cheers to an organized, productive and, all around, fantastic year!

And cheers to finding the perfect planner to help you achieve all of those goals!

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