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GET THE LOOK: Boho Modern Entry

Some interior designers are darn near magicians, I tell ya!
This bohemian themed hallway entry stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. The overall color palette is subtle and soft but at the same time, it features SO MUCH texture and pattern- feathers, stripes, metal, and on and on!

This is my kind of style– relaxing but very dynamic.

Another thing I thoroughly enjoy about this entry, as an African woman, is the inclusion of authentic African pieces (like the handwoven basket and the mud cloth). Not only do they bring lots of texture, they bring culture to the house!

All credit for the original decor goes to Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Here is how I am recreating it for less:

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1. Sunburst Mirror (click HERE for updated¬†pricing on Amazon)¬†– here’s another beautiful option

2. Black Shade Lamps, Set of 2 (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon)

3. (Faux) eucalyptus leaves (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon)

4. African Basket with Lid (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon)  – they are fair trade and handwoven!

5. Mudcloth Patterned Throw Pillow (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon)

6. Brass Table Ornaments (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon) – this is such a versatile set. It comes as 6 pieces that can be hung on the wall or assembled into 3 table ornaments!

7. White Vase ($4.99)

8. Vintage (Handwoven) Indigo Mudcloth Throw ($40.05) – wash these before using to prevent ink transfer. You can also try this (non-authentic) cheaper option.

9. Marble Print and Metal Console Table (click HERE for updated pricing on Amazon) 

GRAND TOTAL (at the time of my calculation and assuming you have your own books) = $449.44!

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I hope you get inspired by this post!
Please comment if you decide to try any of these items and if you like this post, SHARE! I would LOVE to do more of the same!




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