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H&M will pretty much PAY you to recycle YOUR clothes

This weeks “cute” find is not like the others, but honestly, what’s cuter than recycling??

Have you noticed that more companies seem to be focusing on sustainability and waste reduction? I’m so here for it. At times, I feel a twinge of guilt buying things, with the knowledge that it could one day end up in a landfill or even worse, the ocean.

Besides, it’s not every time buy buy buy, Sometimes, give and recycle ♻️ ! 

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Here’s one thing I’ve done about it and that you can do too:

Step 1: Gather up your unwanted clothes or textiles in literally ANY condition (or brand) and drop it off at an H&M recycling box. They will give you a voucher to get money off of your next shopping trip.

Step 2: …..That’s IT.

Isn’t that super easy?


On their end, H&M and their partners sort what they receive into three categories:

#1- items that can be reworn are sold as used clothes
#2- things that can’t be reworn are transformed into non-clothing products (like cleaning cloths)
#3- the rest is stripped down to textile and used in completely different ways (like for insulation)

Click Here to Find More Info at H&M’s Website

I’ve switched to donating through this program (instead of traditional charities) because of it’s comprehensiveness. Things can find a new use in any condition, and that’s a win-win-win.


Finally, I desperately want to learn about similar programs, so please comment below if you participate in this or other sustainability campaigns.

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  • Amanda

    I’ve been giving H&M my old clothes for 2 years now and I absolutely love the idea of a big company doing this to reduce less waste and being a more sustainable company. Great post!

    • Deze

      Hey Amanda! I REALLY like the idea as well! It’s a shame I didn’t find out about it much sooner! But better now than never right? Thanks so much for commenting!

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