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Return Amazon Orders to Kohl’s

Ordering from Amazon makes me feel like I can have Christmas any day of the week. Even though I’ve paid for the order yourself, it somehow still feels like Christmas.

Unfortunately, that feeling completely dissipates when I realize that I no longer want what I ordered. That exciting high quickly turns into: UGHHH! I have to find a box…tape…print a return slip…take myself to the post office…stand in a line….

It’s such a first world problem to have but honestly, it can feel like a struggle to get that return done. There are times that I’ve dragged my feet so long that the return deadline passes and I have to take the L. (Don’t be like me.)

Well, today my cousin posted something on FB that blew my mind.

Amazon and Kohl’s debuted a partnership where you can return Amazon purchases at Kohl’s and Kohl’s will pack AND ship your return for you. Yes, you’re reading that right.

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Amazon is upping their customer service and Kohl’s is interested in the foot traffic. They’re hoping you buy something while you’re in there returning.

Whether you decide to or not is up to you but here are the details:


  1. Visit Amazon’s Returns Center and initiate the return.
  2. On the shipping methods page,  select Kohl’s return if eligible. Print a shipping label OR Amazon will email you a shipping code that you can show in-store.
  3. Drop your item off at Kohl’s, where they will package and ship it for free!

The program has debuted in Chicago, Los Angeles and most recently, Milwaukee.  It appears that they will be expanding the program as time goes on.

To find out which stores are accepting Amazon returns, you can visit THIS website.

Isn’t this a game changer??

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infographic outlining steps to return amazon orders to kohl's

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