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110 Self Love Affirmations to Build Your Self-Worth & Esteem

This post is all about self love affirmations.

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Do you struggle with low self-esteem?

Has someone led you to believe that “self love” is synonymous with “conceit”?

I can assure you that it’s not. 

It’s about having a healthy perspective of who you are and your very meaningful place in the world. 

Why Is Self Love So Important?

The words that you say about yourself, to yourself, create an inner world that becomes your outer world.

When I was younger, the kids I went to school with had a habit of playfully calling themselves stupid or dumb when they would make a mistake.

It was usually said with a laugh, in an effort to poke fun at themselves.

Naturally, I brought that little habit home.

One day, within earshot of my mother, I messed something up and said “oh my goodness I’m so stupid“.

She did not respond with a laugh.

She said she never wanted to hear any of us use those words again and went as far as to ban the words ‘stupid‘ and ‘dumb‘ from our house.

Of course, on the surface, I understood that those words weren’t positive statements. But I still thought she was overreacting. In my mind, I thought to myself “it’s just a jokeother kids say this all the time”.

I came to find out that she knew something I didn’t yet know.

Self-talk dictates self-image. 

That is why being mindful about what you say or think to yourself is the most important thing that you can do every single day.

What Self-Love Looks Like

During my difficult fertility journey, I hit some very difficult times where I doubted my self worth. 

Negative thoughts like “you are broken”, “you don’t deserve to be happy” and “you did something to make yourself unworthy of this blessing” started to creep into my mind and grow there.

I felt very embarrassed of myself, very negative and overall just miserable.

Self hate was brewing.

If you want to know the full strategy I took to escape those feelings, you can read Emotionally Drained here.

To keep it short, I had to do a lot of personal development to love myself again.

That development started with what my mom had taught me years back – my self-talk had to change.

I started with these Fertility Affirmations to transform my mindset and I continued with affirmations of self love.

It has made so much of a difference.

Today, my life reflects what self-love looks like in action:

  • I’m not afraid to dedicate time to self-care
  • I honor my boundaries and know how to say “no”
  • I give myself grace when I make mistakes
  • I’ve silenced my inner-critic

I want to help you experience the freedom self-love brings, too, and the best way to do that is with positive self-love affirmations. 

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are powerful statements that you repeat to yourself in order to transform the way that you think or to transform bad beliefs/narratives that you want to change.

For example, if you notice that every time you get dressed, you tend to have the thought of “I cannot stand the way that I look”, you should follow that thought IMMEDIATELY with positive Beauty Affirmations like “I was beautifully designed and I have my own type of beauty”.

Positive Daily Affirmations are a great way to escape negative thought patterns.

Why Self-Worth Affirmations Are So Powerful  

Did you know your brain has the unique ability to adapt based on your environment and everyday experiences?

This ability, known as neuroplasticity, is the science behind the power of positive self-worth affirmations. 

Telling yourself positive things can actually rewire your brain to accept them as fact. 

As a natural byproduct of that, your mind goes from, “I may not be up for this” to “Hey, I’m going to nail it!”

When you affirm your self worth, you force your brain to focus more on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

It pushes you to achieve your goals instead of wallowing in perceived failures. 

As the law of attraction states, your thoughts are incredibly powerful. What you think affects your reality. 

So self-worth affirmations generate self love by creating a positive image of yourself within you, and that’s a crucial step toward self acceptance. 

110 Positive Self Love Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

I put together this self love affirmations list very carefully with mantras focused on confidence, self-worth, a healthy body image, and more. 

I hope they empower you to love yourself just as you are! 

Affirmations for Self Worth and Self Esteem

  1. I am not a mistake. I have a purpose.
  2. My boundaries are worthy of respect.
  3. My opinion matters. No one else has had my exact experience.
  4. I have the power to control my response to whatever happens around me.
  5. When I think of my beautiful life, I can always find a reason to celebrate.
  6. My life is a beautiful poem, penned by God himself.
  7. My dreams and aspirations are worthy of time and attention.
  8. I don’t need to be everything to everyone. I am enough as I am right now.
  9. I am a delightful person to be around.
  10. I have good ideas.
  11. I deserve and accept the compliments that I receive.
  12. My worth is not defined by how much I do.
  13. I will show myself the same compassion that I show to others.
  14. Today, I choose to be happy.
  15. I can make a difference in the world.
  16. My thoughts and opinions matter and they are valuable.
  17. I have every reason to be happy and loved.
  18. I have great things to offer to the world.
  19. I decide and shape my own future.    
  20. I am proud to see how far I’ve come.
  21. I’m thrilled to see what the future holds for me. 

Self Acceptance Affirmations

  1. I am proud of myself.
  2. I enjoy my own company.
  3. I am successful.
  4. I stand up for myself.
  5. Self, I accept you.
  6. I like me.
  7. I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly fine with me.
  8. I am getting better and better with each passing day.
  9. I have what it takes to thrive.
  10. I am full of talent.
  11. I am wanted.
  12. I have everything I need to survive and thrive in this moment.
  13. I am grateful for who I am.
  14. I have something of value to offer to others.
  15. I possess compelling willpower. 
  16. I have the power to turn my dream into a reality. 
  17. I can make good decisions.  
  18. I am incredibly valuable to the society.
  19. I take my decisions with absolute confidence and I stand by them.   

Self Love Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I am in charge of my own life.
  2. I love myself unconditionally.
  3. I am creative.
  4. I bring a lot to the table.
  5. I respect myself enough to take care of myself.
  6. I am surrounded by love.
  7. No one can offer exactly what I can offer to the world.
  8. I have the power to change my own life, in whatever way I choose to.
  9. I matter, today and every day.
  10. I have overcome all of the obstacles in my life so far and I have what it takes to conquer any more that come my way.
  11. Growing older is a blessing because it’s another day of life and opportunity.
  12. I am worthy of love.
  13. Every day is a journey to discover what else I am capable of.
  14. I determine what success means to me.
  15. I am exactly where I need to be in life and good things will happen.
  16. I believe I am on the right track. 
  17. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. 
  18. Nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.  

Positive Body Image Affirmations

  1. I am gorgeous. 
  2. I am more than this body.
  3. My body is sacred and deserves to be treated with special care.
  4. I don’t need to be perfect to be important.
  5. No matter what I look like, I am a valuable human being who deserves respect, love and care.
  6. I feel perfectly comfortable in my skin.
  7. I am blessed to be in this body.
  8. I don’t have to compare my body with others.
  9. My mind is full of positive thoughts. 
  10. I am thankful for everything my body allows me to do.
  11. My body is invaluable and I love every part of it. 
  12. I radiate warmth and compassion with my mere presence.  
  13. I am beautiful just the way I am. 
  14. I deserve every compliment I receive. 
  15. I am confident about my appearance.
  16. I am healthy and strong.
  17. I am at peace with my physical self.
  18. I am an inspiration to many people around me.
  19. I am a beacon of light.
  20. I am a shining star.
  21. I am a masterpiece and a work of art.
  22. My worth is not tied to my appearance. 
  23. I have far more to offer the world than just a pretty face. 
  24. My body was designed just as it should be. 

Self-Forgiveness Affirmations

  1. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  2. There’s nothing I can change about the past. I am in perfect position to affect my present and influence my future.
  3. I refuse to hold onto grudges, for my own well-being.
  4. Mistakes are natural. What I can do is grow from them.
  5. I love myself unconditionally.
  6. I accept who I am as I am right now.
  7. I release all judgments against myself.
  8. I let go of any feelings of guilt.
  9. I forgive everyone else for their part in the situation.
  10. I’m not a victim of circumstances or other people. My life has been shaped by me alone.
  11. My mistakes make me stronger as I learn from them. 
  12. I have gifts to share with the world and I can only do that when I forgive myself. 
  13. I trade all my guilt, anger, and shame for self-compassion and self-love. 
  14. I value my happiness over hatred and bitterness. 
  15. I have no regrets about the past and I’m hopeful for the future.
  16. I am at peace with myself.
  17. I believe that I can build a much better future. 
  18. I am a good person and I’m getting better every day.
  19. I will never give up hope no matter how bad I “think” I’ve messed up. 
  20. I trust myself completely.
  21. I am responsible for creating my reality.
  22. I am ready to face anything that comes my way.
  23. I am willing to work hard to get what I want out of life.
  24. I am strong enough to deal with whatever happens next.
  25. I am happy with who I am.
  26. I am not defined by my past.
  27. I am free from fear and anxiety.
  28. I trade all my guilt, anger, and shame from the past for self-compassion. 

How to Use Self Esteem Affirmations and Practice Them Daily 

The most popular way that people seem to suggest using affirmations is to repeat them aloud to yourself first thing in the morning in front of a mirror.

I think that is a bit rigid.

You can display affirmations wherever they are likely to catch your eye.

Just make sure that you spend time seeing and taking in those words!

Work Them into Your Daily Routine

For instance, you can print, frame and display your favorite affirmations on your office desk. Or write them on sticky notes and stick them onto your bedroom door.

You can even display some of your favorite statements in your vehicle using this car vent frame. (Just don’t read them while you’re driving of course).

If you have your smartphone with you all the time (who doesn’t?!), you can set your wallpaper to display different self-esteem affirmations throughout the week. 

The idea is to make the affirmations visible to you every day. 

Find Ways to Make It Fun

For example, if you love listening to music, how about turning your favorite affirmation into a song? 

It worked when we were kids learning our ABCs. Fun rhymes and jingles tend to stick in your head better for some reason, so take advantage of it! 

Another thing you can do is turn your daily affirmations into gorgeous artwork and display them in your house.

Use Affirmations That Best Apply to the Season of Life You’re In

Take some time to think about your stage in life, what you’re going through, and what you’re planning to achieve. Then pick the affirmations that directly relate to your situation. 

For instance, if you’re about to face a nerve-wrecking interview, surround yourself with job-specific mantras for self esteem and confidence. 

Tell yourself things like, “I’m 100% ready to answer every question flawlessly” even if you don’t believe it…yet. 

No matter what season of life you’re in, gratitude affirmations for self love are key. Be grateful for what you have and who you are. 

Gratitude is a game-changer, friend. 

Recite Out Loud or Journal Your Affirmations 

Journaling affirmations is a powerful way to use them. You can use your daily journal or planner. 

It’s better if you can physically write them using old fashioned pen and paper instead of typing them digitally. The written word is powerful!

Do Positive Affirmations Increase Self Esteem?

They sure do. 

That’s because positive affirmations naturally eliminate negative beliefs. 

You no longer think of yourself as someone worthless (or perhaps something even more demeaning). Instead, you feel confident in your own skin.

The idea may seem a bit ridiculous at first if you’ve never done this before. But once you start using affirmations, you’ll be surprised at the changes they bring to your life. 

I know I was. 

How Many Affirmations Should I Say A Day?

You should repeat these self-love quotes as often as you feel necessary. 

At a bare minimum, start by reciting them out loud on a daily basis – at least 3 times a day for 5 minutes. 

Observe how much they are affecting you and adjust the frequency based on that. 

What Does God Say About Self-Worth?

It’s important to know that self love does not equal self obsession.

However, God’s Word is clear that we were created with a purpose and “in the image of God.” 

Not only that, we were “fearfully and wonderfully made,” carefully stitched together in our mother’s womb. 

That is where our self-worth comes from.

And if that’s true, and it is, how can we not love ourselves as we are? We don’t need external forces to determine our self-worth. 

It was determined in the beginning that you are worthy of love by God Himself.  

How Do I Love Myself And Be Happy?

Loving yourself is the first step toward leading a happy life. 

Your happiness depends on how you perceive yourself. There’s no way to find peace in life if you’re unable to love yourself. 

I think the first step is to completely avoid negative self-talk.

You are not insignificant or useless. Don’t let those kind of thoughts breach your mind. 

Even if things are hard right now, something better is waiting just around the corner. Bad days aren’t forever.

When you are going through something difficult or struggling with an illness, your inner voice may become very critical or cruel and those negative words can become a source of misery and anxiety.

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The good news is that you’re not stuck with those thoughts. 

Daily positive affirmations make it much easier to develop a positive outlook. 

With these self love mantras, you can actively change what you believe about yourself and boost your own self-worth and esteem.

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What is your favorite self-love affirmation?

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