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52 Self Love Affirmations to build your self worth & esteem

This post is all about self love affirmations.

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The words that you say about yourself, to yourself, create an environment on your inside that becomes your life on the outside.

When I was younger, the kids I went to school with had a habit of playfully calling themselves stupid or dumb when they would make a mistake.
It was usually said with a laugh, in an effort to poke fun at themselves.

Naturally, I brought that little habit home.
One day, within earshot of my mother, I messed something up and said “oh my goodness I’m so stupid“.

She did not respond with a laugh.

She said she never wanted to hear anyone of us use those words again and went as far as to ban the words ‘stupid‘ and ‘dumb‘ from our house.

Of course, on the surface, I understood that those words weren’t nice words. But I still thought she was overreacting. In my mind, I thought to myself “its just a joke” “other kids say this all the time”.

I came to find out that she knew something I didn’t yet know.

During my difficult fertility journey, I hit some very hard times where I doubted my self worth. Thoughts like “you are broken” “you don’t deserve to be happy” and “you did something to make yourself unworthy of this blessing” started to creep into my mind and began to grow there.

I felt very embarrassed of myself, very negative and overall just miserable
Self hate was brewing.

(If you want to know the full strategy I took to escape those feelings, you can read Emotionally Drained here).

To keep it short, I had to do alot of inner work to love myself again.
And that work started with what my mom had taught me years back- my self-talk had to change.

I started with these Fertility Affirmations to transform my mindset and I continued with affirmations of self love.

It has made so much of a difference.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself in order to transform the way that you think or to transform bad beliefs/narratives that you want to change.

For example, if you notice that every time you get dressed, you tend to have the thought of “I cannot stand the way that I look”, you should follow that thought IMMEDIATELY with a positive affirmation of “I was beautifully designed and I have my own type of beauty”.

Affirmations help you to escape negative thought patterns.

Are Self Love Affirmations Conceited?


Self love is not about vanity, it is about self acceptance and recognizing your own value.

A healthy sense of self-love is important for your overall well-being and sense of purpose.

How can you carry out your purpose if you don’t know your own worth?

The bible itself has self love affirmations.
In Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. Luke 12:7 says “Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Those are affirmations! And they were written to be empowering and inspiring.

How To Use Self Love Affirmations

The most popular way that people seem to suggest using affirmations is to repeat them aloud to yourself first thing in the morning in the mirror.

I think that is a bit too rigid.

You can display affirmations wherever they are likely to catch your eye.
For example:

  1. Print, frame and display affirmations on your office desk
  2. Display affirmations in your car using this car vent frame
  3. Write them in your daily journal or planner
  4. Write them on sticky notes and stick them onto your room door

Just make sure that you spend time seeing and taking in those words!

52 Self Love Affirmations


I am wonderfully unique.
No one can offer exactly what I can offer to the world.


I don’t need to be perfect to be important.


I have the power to change my own life, in whatever way I choose to.


I matter, today and every day.


I have overcome all of the obstacles in my life so far and I have what it takes to conquer any more that come my way.


Growing older is a blessing because it’s another day of life and opportunity.


I am worthy of love.


I don’t need to be everything to everyone. I am enough as I am right now.


I am a delightful person to be around.


I have good ideas.


Mistakes are natural. What I can do is grow from them.


I deserve and accept the compliments that I receive.


My worth is not defined by how much I do.


I am full of talent.


I am wanted.


No matter what I look like, I am a valuable human being who deserves respect, love and care.


Every day is a journey to discover what else I am capable of.


I determine what success means to me.


My life is a beautiful poem, penned by God himself.


I am getting better and better with each passing day.


I have what it takes to thrive.


I am surrounded by love.


My dreams and aspirations are worthy of time and attention.


I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly fine with me.


When I think of my life, I can always find a reason to celebrate.


I like me.


Self, I accept you.


I respect myself enough to take care of myself.


My body is sacred and deserves to be treated with special care.


I refuse to hold onto grudges, for my own well-being.


I have the power to control my response to whatever happens around me.


I am exactly where I need to be in life.


I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made.


There’s nothing I can change about the past. I am in perfect position to affect my present and influence my future.


I have everything I need to survive and thrive in this moment.


My opinion matters. No one else has had my exact experience.


I am proud of myself.


I am gorgeous.


I am creative.


I am grateful for who I am.


I love myself unconditionally.


I have everything I need.


I will show myself the same compassion that I show to others.


I am more than this body.


I am not a mistake. I have a purpose.


I am in charge of my own life.


My boundaries are worthy of respect.


I enjoy my own company.


I am successful.


I stand up for myself.


I bring a lot to the table.


Today, I choose to be happy.

When you are going through something difficult or struggling with an illness, your inner voice may become very critical or cruel and those negative words can become a source of misery and anxiety.

(Read: 10 Ways You Are Causing Your Own Unhappiness)

I want you to understand that you’re not stuck with those thoughts.

With these self love mantras, you can actively change what you believe about yourself and boost your self worth and self esteem.

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