• the bright side of infertility
    My Fertility Journey

    The Bright Side(s) Of Infertility

    I know what you’re thinking. From the title of this post, you’re wondering if I’ve actually, finally lost my mind.Because there are just some things (like infertility) that just can’t have a bright side, right? Well… you’re kind of right…..infertility and pregnancy loss are definitely the opposite of good. But hear me out… In my quest for positivity and mental…

    My Fertility Journey

    A Firsthand PRESEED Review (+ Tips For Use)

    I’ve been wanting to share this PreSeed review for a while. Remember when I wrote 6 funny things about the TTC Journey? You’ll remember that one (ironically) funny thing about the journey to fertility is that you become a product junkie and find yourself trying a lot of different products for getting pregnant. Well, one of those products which I’ve…

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    My Fertility Journey

    TTC Journey: 6 Funny Things That Everyone Trying To Conceive Will Understand Right Away

    They say every time you can find humor in a bad situation, you win. Well, we’re both about to win because I’m in the mood to share some of the humorous things I’ve noticed about my Trying To Conceive (TTC) Journey. Overall, struggling with infertility is NOT funny. It’s an agonizing and heartbreaking process that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.…