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GET THE LOOK: West Elm Living Room For Less


living room idea

This living room is nothing but goals from FRONT….to BACK!!

My favorite part is the color palette. I love warm colors and I like living rooms that are bright, vibrant, cozy and stylish. This room is ALL of those things, wrapped in a yummy orange bow.

The only thing is that, as currently designed, it costs several thousands of dollars. Take for example…the original price of ONE of those pleated chairs is $799! The rug in a 8×10 size is currently $559.  Boy! I’d have to sell AT LEAST one arm to afford the whole room at that rate. And it still probably wouldn’t be enough.

But this room is just too good. I HAD to try. So I hunted around and found some amazing dupes and ideas to recreate it!


  1. Orange Velvet Sofa | $779.99 – HERE’S another really good option with good reviews on Amazon

  2. Pleated Back Armchair | $239.99/each

  3. Cocktail Table | (click for Amazon’s price) – this is the best I could find but honestly, it doesn’t have the reviews I usually look for

  4. Gold End Table | $77.94 – a steal compared to the $249 west elm version

  5. Turkish Rug (8×10) | $186! – 50% off coupon for New Years active now!

  6. Arc Lamp | (click for Amazon’s price)

  7. Faux 5 foot Bird of Paradise Tree | (click for Amazon’s price)

  8. Crystal Table Lamp | (click for Amazon’s price) – note that this lamp currently has no reviews! For this price, I’d personally try it out.

  9. Decorative Pillow | (click for Amazon’s price)

TOTAL (at the time of publishing this post): $1,981.31!  


Now THAT is do-able! Friends, notice that I posted two sofa options. Let me know which one you like better in the comments. I can’t decide but I am really really impressed with the cheaper option.

**Total price was correct at the time of publishing. Prices may have changed**

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you whatsoever)!**  


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