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GET THE LOOK: West Elm Living Room For Less

Don’t let your budget keep you from the home of your dreams. Recreate this West Elm Living Room for way less.

living room idea

This West Elm living room is nothing but goals from FRONT….to BACK!!

My favorite part is the color palette. I love warm colors and I like living rooms that are bright, vibrant, cozy and stylish. This room is ALL of those things, wrapped in a yummy orange bow.

The only thing is that, as currently designed, it costs several thousands of dollars. Take for example…the original price of ONE of those pleated chairs is $799! The rug in a 8×10 size is currently $559.  Boy! I’d have to sell AT LEAST one arm to afford the whole room at that rate. And it still probably wouldn’t be enough.

But this room is just too good. I HAD to try. So I hunted around and found some amazing dupes and ideas to recreate it!

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West Elm Dupes Mood Board


Living Room Item Details

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GET THE LOOK: Boho Modern Entry
  1. Orange Velvet Sofa – HERE’S a sectional option with good reviews on Amazon
  2. Pleated Back Armchair
  3. Cocktail Table
  4. Gold End Table – a steal compared to the west elm version
  5. Turkish Rug (8×10) 
  6. Arc Lamp
  7. Faux 5 foot Bird of Paradise Tree
  8. Crystal Table Lamp
  9. Decorative Pillow

THE TOTAL (at the time of originally publishing this post) WAS UNDER $2000!

Now THAT is do-able!

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Friends, notice that I posted two sofa options.

Let me know which one you like better in the comments.

I can’t decide but I am really really impressed with the cheaper option.


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