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Revealing… Our Couples Bucket List (In Honor of Our 2 Year Anniversary)

It’s our two year anniversary week!

Go us!

I’m so grateful for this milestone. Marriage is beautiful AND hard. I’m thankful to God, my hubby and our communities and support systems for getting us here. (I thank me too!)

We’ve decided to celebrate another year in the bag by starting a new tradition. Some background first…

2 concepts that we try to hold central to our relationship are to:
1. Prioritize experiences, instead of things &
2. Thrive, and not just survive

It’s so important to us that we try to live life to the fullest, despite the circumstance we find ourselves in.

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That being shared, this year, we’ve created a “bucket list” for our next year of marriage. Yes, yes, we know… A bucket list is technically a list of things you want to accomplish before you die.

But life’s too short (and unpredictable) to plan out that far! Besides, if we don’t create new goals year by year, we might keep putting things off until we get too old to do anything ha!

So, we’ve decided to make and share a list of things that we want to accomplish before our next anniversary. By sharing our couples bucket list, we hope to inspire other couples to experience life FULLY and TOGETHER.


1. Complete the Pacific Northwest Trip

This is a road trip that extends all along the west coast- from Portland or Seattle to San Francisco. My husband has been talking about doing this since we met! Hopefully, this is the year we make the trip.

2. Twenty-four Hour Movie Marathon

First, we have to create a top ten list of “Must See” movies- things that are considered classics but that one or both of us haven’t seen. And, then IT’S ON- all day movies and food.
I kind of want to do this one like tomorrow…and every week forever.

3. Start a Family Scrapbook

4. Attend a Couples Conference/Convention

Preferably about relationships or marriage.

5. Run a 5K together

6. Visit (at least) 5 New Cities

7. Get a Couples Massage

Can you believe I’ve never gotten a professional massage? I hope to change that this year.

8. Go Ice Skating Together

This one is my hubbys idea. He thinks he’s going to outskate me but he’s the one getting left in the dust!

9. Take a Couples Photoshoot

10. Give a HUGE gift to a family member or friend

Because at the end of the day, our greatest legacy is the impact we leave on those around us.

That’s the end of our anniversary bucket list!

for updates as we complete each item!

Have you made a bucket list with your partner? What are the items on your list? Comment and share below.

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