It’s me, Deze! Welcome to my blog!

This space was birthed in December 2018 primarily due to my love for home decorating. After writing a bit randomly for 4-ish months, I felt a calling to delve a lot deeper than homewares.

At the time, I was struggling with some of the hardest obstacles I’d ever faced. I felt the tug in my heart to be vulnerable and open about these struggles and to share the lessons I was learning even WHILE I was still hurting and healing.

Now, the purpose of this blog is to serve as a guidebook for those undergoing the dubious transition into new marriage, home building and for some like me, pregnancy loss.

Whenever I am stuck for direction and don’t know what to write, I ask myself what I want my beautiful and dear sister, best friends, cousins, nieces, etc to know about transitioning roles. I ask myself how I can help them evolve gracefully.

So this is it.

This blog is for the young person experiencing a transition in life, looking for healing and balance, discovering marriage, going from being a dependent to having dependents, and searching for purpose and beauty within it all.

Some fast facts about me:

  • I am newly in my 30s, and in my 3rd year of  marriage.
  • I grew up in California and am currently living in the Midwest with my husband who is completing his medical training (Oh the winters!)
  • I am a first-generation Nigerian woman and am extremely proud of my African heritage.
  • My favorite (non-native) types of food are: Thai food and Indian food. All is well in the presence of a good pad thai or biryani.
  • I don’t bother keeping a travel bucket list because I want to go EVERYWHERE! My friends may or may not call me Dora the Explorer 🙂
  • I am naturally reserved and private, however I have a lot to say! I am extremely thankful that blogging has given me an opportunity to have a voice, to exchange ideas and to be creative!

Thank you for being here! Stay awhile and come back often!


Need me? Email me at: [email protected]