It’s me, Deze! Welcome to my blog!

Here’s a little history of how this blog came to be…

In 2017 & 2018, I was going through a very hard time. I was newly married, moved to the Midwest and struggling with an immense amount of physical pain, emotional distress and discouragement due to a devastating fertility journey.

In December of 2018, I started blogging as a way to refocus my thoughts and energy.

This space quickly transformed into an avenue to share my struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss as well as encourage others that are going through similar things.

Even though the things that I am going through are considered taboo in my culture, I felt the tug in my heart to be vulnerable, open and share the lessons I was learning even WHILE I was still hurting and healing.

The blog has continued to transform and is now a lifestyle blog where I write all kinds of everyday content for women that want to live a whole, complete and thriving life, despite the torture of a long and/or difficult fertility journey.

If you are looking for healing and balance and searching for purpose and beauty within it all, you are welcome here!

Some fast facts about me:

  • I am newly in my 30s, and in my 5th year of  marriage.
  • I grew up in California and am currently living in the Midwest with my husband who is completing his medical training (Oh the winters!)
  • I am a first-generation Nigerian woman and am extremely proud of my African heritage.
  • My favorite (non-native) types of food are: Thai food and Indian food. All is well in the presence of a good pad thai or biryani.
  • I don’t bother keeping a travel bucket list because I want to go EVERYWHERE! My friends may or may not call me Dora the Explorer 🙂
  • I am naturally reserved and private, however I have a lot to say! I am extremely thankful that blogging has given me an opportunity to have a voice, to exchange ideas and to be creative!

Thank you for being here! Stay awhile and come back often!


Need me? Email me at: [email protected]