DIY Picture Frame with Flowers (How To Step-by-Step)

    This post is to show you to make a DIY picture frame of flowers I am so excited about this DIY because well…. I’m not usually that good at DIY. Let me tell you, I have destroyed (or abandoned) many a project! I say that to emphasize just how easy and straightforward this flower frame craft is. I was looking…

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    How to DIY a SUNSHINE BOX (+ Printables)

    A sunshine box is an easy-to-make and creative care package idea to help you spread positivity like confetti. Here are the steps to make one– I recently just learned of a new way to spread joy and positivity like confetti!SUNSHINE BOXES! A sunshine box is a yellow-themed care package, that you can make and give for any occasion. Drop them…

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    **Easy DIY** Virtual Baby Shower Box

    This post is about how to create Virtual Baby Shower Boxes (or kits) for your online baby shower guests. If you are planning a virtual baby shower, one of your biggest concerns might be….. “How do I make this baby shower feelmore like a party…and less like a Zoom work meeting”. I know how you feel. When I planned my…