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My Fertility Journey: Loss, Endo, Waiting & Hope

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Why I’m Sharing My Fertility Journey

After 2 back to back pregnancy losses, I was shattered physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Shame, isolation, grief & discouragement made those the darkest days of my life.

Besides God and the support of my husband, family & friends, do you know what pulled me out of that place? OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES.

I would spend hours on the pregnancy loss pages on BabyCenter, reading about other women in similar situations. Whether they were sharing their victories or their pain, there was healing in knowing that I wasn’t the only one.

As I healed, I opened up to a few ladies around me and to my surprise, I discovered a surprising number of other women who had lost pregnancies before having children. I felt comforted but perplexed as to why pregnancy loss is so common but remains so stigmatized.

By creating this blog space, I am declaring that I am no longer ashamed and that my testimony is bigger than my feeling of failure. I am declaring that even though it took me a long time to stand, I’m standing now and I can pull others up.

I know that my story is a drop in the ocean. But I’m sharing it to bring someone else hope, comfort and validation.

Hope is the only solution to heartbreak. And when you’re feeling as if the future is bleak, I pray that you find hope here.

One Comment

  • Brittany Brinson

    Thank you so much for sharing your story!! It is really nice to relate to someone of color! I am sorry for your losses.

    I’ve had 2 endometriosis surgeries, one being 5 hours long. I have not had any luck with the TTC journey, but everyone in my family has had their blessing this year. I’m praying that it’ll be my turn this upcoming year although the doctors say I need a hysterectomy. It’s been a whirlwind of a year but your story keeps me encouraged to also stay strong for my husband.

    Thank you!

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