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GET THE LOOK: Anthropologie Home Office


I’ve been thinking a lot about working from home lately.

I have to admit- I seem to think about this more when there is a Monday approaching (haha!).

One of the reasons it’s been on my mind is because of how much I love working on this blog. It would be really nice to have my own (beautiful) space to create and bring all of my ideas to life. Unfortunately, there are several other projects in our home and life that are taking much higher priority right now.

So for now, I’ll just be daydreaming about my future home office. 

anthropologie home office

If we’re gonna talk about dreams though, this Anthropologie one is totally dreamy. The metallic accents scream glam while the blue color palette encourages a calm and focused state of mind. I feel like I could definitely produce in an office like this!

Well, you know we have high end taste on a budget around here so check out how I would recreate this office for less:

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Home Decor Details:

  1. The Desk | $166.94

2. The Chair | $131.27

3. 5′ x 8′ Rug | $129

4. Ink Splatter Art Print | $14+ (depending on size)

5. Faux Leather Magazine Holder (click for updated prices on Amazon)

6. Metallic Lamp Shade |  $54.40 (Anthropologie splurge!)

7. Faux Leather File Sorter | $34.99

8. Rose Gold Pen Holder (click for updated prices on Amazon)

GRAND TOTAL* = $610.58

*based on the prices when this post was published

Considering that the original Anthropologie desk (which is so freaking gorgeous) alone costs $1998, I would say this is a steal. Hope you all enjoyed this room re-do!

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get the look of this Anthropologie home office with these budget items


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