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The 8 Best Things I’ve Bought On Amazon (& The Worst)

First, I want to say that I am addicted to Amazon Prime. Endless options and 2 day shipping? They’ve got me right where they want me. I went through my order history for the last year and put together all the best things I’ve bought on Amazon over the last year.

Below are the 8 things that made life easier, healthier and more stylish, and also the 5 things that were (or should have been) returned.


**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

Retro One Piece Swimsuit

a bathing suit from amazon which is one of my top buys

I bought this bathing suit for my trip to Aruba last year and I am OBSESSED with it! I was jumping up and down when I first tried it on (not exaggerating). It is a one piece with long straps that tie around your neck. It is such good quality and has thick material lining the entire suit. They don’t seem to have the same pattern I bought but they have 20 other options. There’s a reason this is #1 on my list- I HIGHLY recommend!

a picture of me wearing the best amazon swimsuit in Amazon

Vitafusion Women’s Gummy Multivitamins

Ironically (given my day job which you can read About here), I suck at taking any and all medications. No, it’s not because I’m hyperaware of their side effects, it’s because I hate swallowing chalky pills. Unfortunately, I have to take multivitamins right now. I thought I would get around this by buying gummy multivitamins but some of them taste even worse than the tablets.

Then, I found the Vitafusion ones. They are so yummy, I look forward to eating them. They taste JUST like candy, I swear. Sometimes I look at them on my nightstand and wonder if I can eat a second dose as a snack lol!


one of the best things to buy on amazon is this fedora

This camel colored fedora is super cute and amazing quality! It’s the same one that I took on my recent trip to Paris. I will admit that I didn’t end up wearing it (and I explain why in THIS post about Travel Packing Hacks).

However, warmer weather has finally arrived and you best believe, I’m going to be rocking this hat everywhere.

Electric Shaver

this electric razor is one of the best items I've purchased on amazon

I’m a hairy beast.

I’m thankful that the hair on my head grows thick and long effortlessly, however…the hair on my legs ALSO grows thick and long effortlessly.  The worst thing is that we have the tiniest master bathroom in this house and shaving in the shower requires major gymnastic skill. I got frustrated one day and went hunting for a solution and BEHOLD! The electric shaver. Now I’m smooth all the time (and not just on special occasions) ha!

The best part is that it’s a sustainable one time buy because it’s rechargeable (no more plastic disposable razors!) It’s also super affordable, painless and you can use it wet or dry.

Low-Heel Work Pumps

a picture of the closed toe black work heels which is one of the best things to buy on amazon

I bought these to “step up” my work fashion. The goal was to find affordable, comfortable, stylish closed-toe heels and these fit every requirement. I get compliments on them every week. They come in several different colors and I plan to buy the nude-colored pair next.

Foil Ramekins

stacked foil ramekins which is one of the best kitchen related items I've purchased from Amazon

If you’re familiar with Nigerian cuisine, you might know about something called “moi moi” (a steamed bean cake). They are usually made in packets of foil or banana leaves, but that can get messy and the portions are too big for my needs.

I bought these the last time I made moi moi and they work PERFECTLY. When making your moi moi, you just pour some batter in each ramekin and cover it with a bit of foil, stack them in a deep pot and steam them. You can freeze them for later, but remember not to microwave foil. When reheating, you can easily tear the ramekin down the side and then microwave it.

Also a good find if you like to bake!

Coin Purse

a black coin purse which is one of the most useful things I've bought on Amazon

This coin purse easily holds my cards, cash and a few other things like chapstick while I’m on the go. The key ring also lets me attach it to my car keys which makes it even more convenient.

Velburg Swivel Chair

this velburg swivel chair was one of the best home decor items I bought on Amazon

I bought this to furnish our living room. It’s a brown, midcentury-style, swivel chair and it is BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, It doesn’t appear to be available to Amazon Prime anymore. It is originally from Ashley Furniture but this style has been discontinued. You can still find it on Amazon from private sellers but the last price I saw was crazy expensive, compared to what I paid for it.

Now these are the Amazon items that I bought that ended up being duds:


Oil Diffuser

this oil diffuser was something I did not like from amazon

I wanted to get into essential oil diffusing so I bought this cute one but I’ve only used it once. It works well and it is affordable and very stylish. It just turns out that I happen to be more of a candle girl.

Facial Sheet Masks

facial sheet masks which I bought from amazon

After reading about Korean skin care, I bought these sheet masks (which are very highly rated on Amazon). I started using one every week, and in the beginning, I really enjoyed them. Using them after showers was soothing and definitely hydrated my skin.

Unfortunately, I started to notice that a few days after using one, I would get a pimple somewhere on my face. I took a break from using them to see if they were the cause and sure enough, whenever I stopped using them, I wouldn’t breakout.

Needless to say, my skin doesn’t seem to like this stuff so I gave them away.

Fabric Ottomans

Returned these! They were surprisingly small and not at all in proportion to the rest of my living room. Granted, I could have avoided ordering them at all by being more thorough with my measurements.

 Fabric Accent Chair

Before I bought the chair I talked about in the first section, I bought this gray accent chair. I returned it because it has a permanent bump in the lumbar region that I found really uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be a source of lumbar support but it made the chair depth uncomfortably shallow.

EZ Melts Iron

Remember when I said I hate taking pills? Well that definitely applies to iron tablets. I tried these melt-in-your-mouth iron tablets to avoid having to swallow any tablets. Unfortunately, after months of taking them, my iron levels didn’t improve! The item has lots of positive reviews so maybe it’s just me!

And there ya go! Those are some of the best things to buy from Amazon (and some to think twice about), according to me.

I’m always buying things on Amazon and don’t think I will running out of things to try anytime soon. So, I would be happy to do more posts like this if you’re interested. Comment below if you liked this post or have any questions about the products above.

Oh and if you don’t have Amazon Prime, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? You can get a 30-day Trial HERE.


  • Emah Purple

    Great post Deze. The products look really great. The swim suit was beautiful. I have this irrational fear of buying stuff online because of watching those fail videos. But I think Amazon is an exception.

    • Deze

      Thank you dear! Yes Amazon is DEFINITELY an exception. As long as you buy Prime and read reviews, you will end up with more wins than fails. And whatever you don’t like, just return!

  • Holly

    I love that you included the best AND the worst here! So helpful!! (P.s. that is also my favorite electric razor.)
    With love,
    Another hairy beast!

    • Deze

      Lol! It reassures me to know that there are others like me out there. Isn’t that razor the bomb? Love it! Thanks for commenting Holly 🙂

  • Shenika

    You know I am sooo mad I clicked to read this simply because I loooooveeee to shop *insert cringe* some of the items you’ve posted I’ve literally opened a note and went back and forth between reading and copying and pasting links! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Deze

      Hahhaa!! That’s hilarious Shenika. Sorry not sorry! I’m just glad we have similar taste lol. Let me know if you end up getting one!

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