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The Dining Table Dilemma (+ Affordable Chairs)

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THIS is the dining table I bought for our breakfast nook area a few months ago:

and THIS is the dining table that I actually wanted:

$199 from IKEA (DOCKSTA Table)


You’re probably wondering what happened. Well, let me back this story up.

Our current house is schmallll. (I think of it as our practice house).  We currently only have the space for a breakfast nook- which I don’t mind at all.

After moving in, I went on the hunt for a classic tulip table.  Unfortunately, I came to find that the one I wanted was out of reach. Ikea is a 3 hour drive from where we live! Furthermore, my husband and I drive small sedans and bringing home anything from Ikea is darn near impossible unless it can disassemble into small pieces.

So, your girl did her go-to move -> AMAZON.COM. I looked for a deliverable option.

And I found one! For a cheaper price at that.

The unfortunate thing is that it isn’t quite my style. It has more of that farmhouse, traditional style that’s not really me. I love a LOT of interior decorating styles guys but farmhouse??? I usually like to appreciate it from afar.

But, due to costs and time, we were in a corner. I bought the Amazon table because I knew that it would work for the purposes for which we needed it -> holding food. It’s been doing a great job and actually looks really nice with the chairs we have….. but I still dream about that Ikea table. Yes, you heard it here first, I emotionally cheat on my current dining table.

Fast Forward To This Week:

This week, I made a ‘Dining Room and Breakfast Nook’ board on my Pinterest (follow me!) and kept running into pictures of my dream table.  I made the decision to compile all the yummy pictures and test just how versatile this dining table is.

For all of you looking for dining table and chair options, here are some really stylish (and affordable) options. All the chairs I found cost $300 or less for 4 chairs (you are welcome). Also, you should know that I ONLY list options that have are rated at least 4 stars

black spindle chairs

Black Spindle Chairs | click to see updated price on Amazon

Blue Contemporary Dining Chairs | $96.99 (for a set of 2)

Pink Dining Chairs | click to see updated price on Amazon

(Here’s another really cute option that looks more like the inspo pic but it’s a bit more expensive – $159.80 for a set of 2)

Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs | click to see updated price on Amazon


Other super cute options:




This Midcentury option from Target for $118.49 (for a set of 2)



 | This industrial style option from Amazon (click to see updated price)

 | or this SUPER modern chair (click to see updated price on Amazon)


If you’re inspired by any of these combinations, let me know below in the comments! I’m dying to know which chair option everyone likes the most.


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