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End of Year Reflection Questions + My Year End Review

The New Year is very very significant to me.

It’s a fresh start.
An opportunity to pause and reflect.
A way to look back on everything that you’ve been through and decide who you want to be and how you want to be, moving forward.

I know, I know….
There’s always the person that likes to say “you don’t have to wait for the New Year to make changes in your life, you can do that right now”.

Yes… I believe that too.
But it’s not unusual to measure our progress and goals by years.

Personally, I had a tough year and it brings me a sense of comfort and hope to know that a brand new year approaches.

I’ve got a lot of expectations for the New Year and before I make my goals, I like to take a life inventory of the past year and answer these end of year reflection questions.
I invite you to do the same.

Before you read on, get a pen and paper.

Or a phone if you can’t bear the thought of writing all this down
(or if you simply enjoy carrying your reflections around with you).

New Year Reflection Questions

1| Was this a year of sowing or of reaping?

2| What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

3| What’s one positive habit you developed & one negative habit you picked up?

4| What was your biggest mistake this year?

5| Identify one thing that, had you had done in the beginning of last year, would have made last year better?

6| Overall, did you improve, worsen or maintain in the following areas?

  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Life
  • Physical Fitness
  • Career

7| What was your biggest area of growth this year?

8| Name a relationship that really came through for you this year

9| What was your biggest time waster?

How about your biggest time preserver?

10| Top 3 Things you discovered about yourself this year?

11| Top 3 memories that you will take away from this year

12| The best thing you spent money on this year

13| What are you most grateful about this year?

14| What one thing do you want to be completely different in 12 months?

15| What one quote, saying or theme summarizes this last year & do you have one for next year?

Year End Review byDeze

2019 was an emotional year.
It was a sowing year for me- chock full of sacrifices.

My biggest accomplishment this year was creating this blog.
I took a lot of L’s (the most obvious to you all being the pregnancy losses) but the one thing I managed to build and grow is this online community.

For that, I am extremely grateful.

One massive area of growth was conquering feelings of embarrassment and fear of vulnerability. It takes a lot of boldness to share pain.
Sometimes (like every other day), I think twice about this choice but just as quickly, I am proud of myself for doing so.
It makes me happy to contribute to the same community that has provided me comfort and solidarity so often.

If I could have done something completely different at the beginning of this year, I would have scheduled myself into counseling from January. Granted, I had no way of knowing that everything that transpired would have.

But, it’s a shame that I waited so long. I was pretty much broken by the time I started counseling and frankly, it had its consequences.

The most memorable parts of my year were going to Paris with my girls, getting my laparoscopy (first surgery ever) and the relief I felt when my husband reached a very important goal (that we’ve been working on forever)!

I’m just really really grateful that I made it.
I’m HERE. I fought really hard for myself and I’m here. Thank GOD!

Zora Neale Hurston has a quote that says “there are years that ask questions and years that answer“.
2019 was a year with a lot of open ended questions and I am looking forward to solutions, reasons and answers in 2020.

What about you?


Are there any other New Year Reflection Questions that you tend to ask yourself before the New Year?
Comment below


  • Shaaaade

    Thank you for all of those questions. I’ve honestly have been battling of a way to make sense of this year and a way forward to plan the next year. I usually write a letter to God expressing things I want to accomplish, so having these questions to think about will definitely help me organize my thoughts. 2019 was definitely a year of sowing for me and I felt like I sowed more into others lives than I did into own, so I’m claiming 2020 to be about me. Sowing into myself. Putting myself first because I have the tendency of trying to people please at the expense of myself and it always takes a toll on me. I’m going to be selfish and put myself first in 2020. I think it’s just really needed for sanity sake. Great post as always!!!

    • Deze

      I really love your writing a letter to God concept!
      Sowing Into Yourself 2020- I’m here for it sis!

      Thanks for reading and commenting xoxo

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