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14 Fun Activities For Couples While Social-Distancing

I’ve never realized how many fun activities for couples depend on being around other people.

I didn’t realize it until our wedding anniversary came around and we were totally stumped about how to celebrate it.

Because of home isolation, we can’t go out to a restaurant, game night or travel right now which is a bummer because one of my favorite things about life is marking anniversaries, birthdays and other happy moments with fun memories.

a couple in the kitchen cooking for date night

There are many other reasons why you might be looking for “social-distance friendly” but fun activities for couples.

Perhaps one of you has a compromised immune system and needs to avoid exposure to crowds.
Or maybe being around other people brings you anxiety.
Or perhaps you’re just sick of people-ing. I get it.

What I’ve had to learn is that making memories doesn’t have to go hand in hand (no pun intended) with get togethers, trips or parties.

There are plenty of fun ways to make relationship memories so I’ve dug deep to came up with these 14 fun (and unique) date ideas that don’t involve anyone but you and your beau.


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14 Unique & Fun Couple Activities
That Don’t Involve Other People

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1| Paint Night Date Night

Set up 2 easles in the backyard, porch or living areas.

Then, pull up a painting tutorial (like this one on Youtube) and have yourselves a paint night!.

(You can also freestyle your art.)

a couple having paint night which is fun activities for couples

Pro Tip!!
This is a creative date night idea for long distance couples.
Each of you get an easel and watch the same painting tutorial.
At the end, you have something to hang that reminds you of your love!

Don’t know where to find supplies?
Have this gorgeous portable paint easel set-up sent to you from Amazon.

Additional details that will make your paint night even more epic are:

  • Serve up finger foods or a tantalizing charcuterie board
    (I’m loving this pretty serving board that you can get off Amazon here)
  • Play some inspiring music
  • Add some wine to make it a paint & sip!
  • Make it a virtual double date by calling another couple on video while they are also painting.

2| Drive In Movie

If you’re trying to avoid other people, a movie theatre probably sounds like a nightmare!

But what about a drive in movie? You can drive in, stay in your own car and still get the experience of being out on a date.

While the number of drive-in theaters have dwindled over time, you can still find a drive in theater that is open and operating near you on this website.

3| Scavenger Hunt for Love Letters

First, you (and your beau) have to write a few love letters to each other.

Include your favorite memories together, your feelings about each other, your relationship bucket list, your fantasies, all the mushy gushy stuff.

Then you’ve either got to hide the letters around the house (for them to find over time spontaneously) or write clues so that they can find them on a scavenger hunt.

If you’re stumped on what to write, here’s a list of love letter ideas.

4| A jigsaw puzzle race, for the competitive couple

Hear me out.
This may sound boring but it isn’t! Especially for the competitive couple.

There are 2 ways you can go about this.

One- you can buy one really hard puzzle (like this 3000 Piece Puzzle of Starry Night by Van Gogh) and make a race of finishing your side of the puzzle first.

puzzle competition between two people is part of the fun activities for couples

Two- you can buy two hard puzzles and each person race to finish their puzzle first!

5| Answer The Famous “36 Questions That Lead To Love”

Allegedly, if you share these 36 specific questions with someone as well as stare into their eyes for four minutes, you will fall in love (or in this case, make your love stronger).

Try it out!

Take an evening to ask and answer the 36 Questions That Lead To Love.

6| Visit each others high school or college campuses, to share your favorite memories and where they happened

One of the best ways to increase intimacy is to spend time sharing memories and talking about the most impactful times in your life.

If you went to a college or high school that is accessible after hours, try visiting campus when it’s empty and re-discover all the meaningful places.

Find your favorite place to hang out. Where was your favorite class? Where did you like to eat lunch? Where did you meet your best friend?

Sharing always leads to intimacy.

7| Scrapbook Your Relationship Together

Find pictures, notes, tickets, magazine clippings and other items that are meaningful to your relationship and display them all in a scrapbook.

Making a scrapbook together gives you time to reflect on the most significant parts of your relationship and appreciate how far you have come.

Best of all, you can add to this scrapbook every year, share it with others and even, pass it down through the generations.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing scrapbook, it took me a while to find this You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook (see it on Amazon).

8| Come up with a signature cocktail and gave it a clever couple name

Everyone is secretly jealous of those cute couples that have tons of inside jokes and coordinated lives.

You can be one of those couples after you spend an evening mixing up your own signature cocktail (which you can serve at future dinner parties).

Don’t forget to give it a clever name like the “I Still Do HoneyDew Martini” or the “Bri-Tini”
+ Bonus Points if you can incorporate both your names

a couple mixing drinks at home for a fun couple activity

(I’d love to hear what awesome names you’ve come up with down in the comments!)

9| A Long Drive. Maybe catch a sunset?

This is one of my favorites- maybe because my love language is quality time.

Something about talking during a long and scenic drive (or even just sharing the moment quietly) is romantic and intimate.

If you want to add more adventure. take a long drive on a route you’ve never been on before.

10| Skinny Dipping, for the adrenaline loving couple

If you’re more on the daring side (and really want to create a long-lasting memory lol), you can both go skinny dipping in your local pool, lake or ocean.

Just don’t get caught and don’t get your clothes stolen!

11| A water balloon for the summer or snowball fight for the winter

You can always have a seasonally-themed good time- don’t forget about that!

You can fill up the water balloons and drench each other in the backyard in the summer or jump in the leaves in fall. Build a fort and have a snowball fight in the winter or plant flowers together in the springtime.

12| Learn a new activity together

There are so many things you can learn online by yourself.

How about learning how to massage professionally?
Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving for the both of you!
There are plenty of massage tutorials on Youtube.

Some other ideas are to learn how to salsa or tango or breakdance online. Or learn how to take pictures professionally or start a business.

The possibilities are near endless.

13| Movie Roulette

If you don’t have a drive in theater nearby (or can’t go to one), you can make a game of watching a movie at home.

Scroll through any streaming services and blindly pick a movie to watch. Then, watch that movie NO MATTER how weird it is.

That will be an evening to remember.

14| Check into a fancy hotel, for a local getaway and the feeling of luxury

Technically, this one requires at least a little contact (for check in).

But, if you’re willing to endure a little outside contact, you can achieve the feeling of luxury and travel by booking a room at a fancy hotel for night or two.

I hope you’ve found a great date night idea on this list.

It just goes to show you that even if you can’t have a typical date night, it only takes a little creativity to find fun activities for couples to do with each other.

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