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Take Better Pictures With Your Phone Using The Pro Lens Kit

You know that annoying moment when you’re trying to take a group photo and you practically need to have people sit on each other’s lap to get everyone in the picture? Or how about when you encounter beautiful architecture while traveling and you can’t quite fit it all in your photo? I bought a clip on lens for my Paris trip that solves those problems perfectly!

Now, if you have a really fancy camera, this is the part where you will most likely exit stage left. However, if want something to help you take better pictures with your SMARTPHONE! Then this is for you!

Note: this post is NOT sponsored whatsoever. I am sharing this because I had a very good experience using this product and I think it’s an excellent deal.

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

While planning and packing for Paris, I did some research into how I can take better pictures with my phone while traveling and I ended up buying THIS Pro Lens Kitfor about 40 bucks!

a picture of a wide angle lens you attach to your phone to take better pictures

The Pro Lens Kit includes:

  1. A Wide Angle Lens (more info below)
  2. 15x Macro Lens
  3. Rechargeable LED light
  4. The Lanyard and Travel Case (more info below)


This lens is so easy to use, a caveman could use it ha!

To use it, you clip it on to your back camera for regular pictures or front camera for selfies and then you take a photo like normal. The wide lens aspect of it means that you can fit more content (45% more) in each picture. I used it on my iPhone and also with my sister’s Android. Both worked perfectly.

I have no photography background so I’m not the best person to share the technical details with you. However, I took some comparison shots while in Paris to truly see (and show) the difference.

Here, I stood in the same spot in front of the Louvre. Look at how much more picture I get with the lens. I captured my girls and got most of the building with the lens on:

A comparison of the front of the Louvre without the lens and with the lens

Here’s a comparison standing in the same spot inside the Louvre courtyard:

A comparison of the Louvre courtyard with the pro lens and without the pro lens

If you read my “Travel Packing Hacks” post, you will remember that I was designated the “picture taker” while on the trip. Well, this is the main reason why!

I truly WISH I had bought this lens during my trip to Italy. I would have had much better pictures of the colosseum that’s for sure.


The lanyard is ideal for travel.

On a daily basis, I wore it around my neck with the lens attached. When I wanted to take a picture, I clipped the lens off the lanyard and when I was done, I just returned it to the lanyard! Voila! Super convenient!

I even clipped a little purse onto the lanyard so I could be handsfree while sightseeing! (Here’s a pic).

standing in front of the airbnb in Paris demonstrating how to use the pro lens to take better pictures

PRO TIP: When I was in sketchy areas or while using public transportation, I would wear my lanyard crossbody so that everything would be out of sight under my arm and jacket.

I haven’t used the macro lens and the light in real life but I did test them at home and they are also easy to use. The macro lens would be wonderful for food photography and the light would be useful for nighttime pictures. You can read more info and reviews about each item HERE.

In summary, the pros and cons:


  1. COST: This entire kit is only $39.99 which I think is an amazing deal.
  2. EASE OF USE: Step 1: clip it on. Step 2: take picture.
  3. STURDY: I dropped the lens once and nothing happened to it.


  1. It won’t necessarily improve your phone camera quality. If your phone camera quality is poor, the picture quality might still be poor.
  2. No editing features – which I think is standard for a lens anyways

Overall, if you take lots of group (or family) photos, or like to capture architecture or nature while traveling, or if you take lots of selfies and want to be able to include the scenery, this lens kit will up your phone photography game and help you take better pictures for sure!

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