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DIY BUTTERFLY BALLOONS (super simple party decor)

This post shows you how to make some pretty & simple DIY Butterfly Balloons.


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This is going to be the most simple DIY party decoration you’ve ever done…ever!
Very few steps but VERY beautiful and impactful.

I got the idea from using similar butterflies for my sunshine box care packages.

After putting it all together (in minutes by the way), I can guarantee you that it is a really easy-to-make and low cost DIY balloon craft for a-

  • butterfly themed birthday party
  • summer garden party
  • butterfly baby shower
  • spring or summer wedding
  • butterfly centerpieces
  • tea parties
balloons for butterfly theme parties
Butterfly Party Decor

The Butterflies

The most important part of this project are these butterflies!

Oh, the butterflies! – Hands down, one of my favorite things to have purchased online.

For less than 10 bucks, I got 60 total butterfly decals, in varying sizes.
When you open the pack, there are five separate packages organized by color: blue, yellow, purple, green & pink themed packs.
Each pack includes its own set of double-sided tape pieces.

And as you can see in these close-ups, these butterflies don’t look cheap at all!
Each butterfly is unique and detailed in design.
Some of them are even textured!

close up diy balloon craft with butterflies
Butterfly close-up! Look at the details on that one on the right!
close up of clear balloon with butterflies
You can mix up different color balloons like this pic or use the same colors for a monochromatic look

To use the butterflies, you simply bend the butterfly wings, to give them a 3-D effect.

Then, place a piece of double sided tape onto the backside of a butterfly, peel off the other side of the tape and stick it onto the balloon.

Put some pressure on the butterfly to get it to stick (but not too much so that you don’t pop the balloon!).
I can testify to their sturdiness; none of them fell off even while the balloons were flapping around in the wind outside.

The Balloons

bundle of butterfly balloons
Metallic chrome satin luxe latex balloons in rose copper, flamingo & pomegranate

I bought my balloons from Party City.

Yes, I could have blown up my own balloons but I do not have a helium tank nor did I want to buy one. For convenience sake, I ordered inflated balloons from and picked them up curbside (!!!) of my local Party City in less than 2 hours.

butterfly baby shower balloons
Clear & Clear Green Latex Balloons

The first set of balloons that I bought were the metallic chrome satin luxe latex balloons in rose copper, flamingo & pomegranate.
The second set were clear & clear green latex balloons.
ALL from Party City.

I added 5-6 butterflies to each balloon and they still floated!

The metallic chrome balloons are even still floating 4 days later!! (but unfortunately, the clear ones drifted down to the ground after one day).

butterfly party balloons close up
A bundle of butterfly balloons

Putting It Together

This DIY is simple because all you have to do is stick the butterflies onto a helium-filled or air-filled balloon.

For similar balloon projects, I have seen other DIY-ers stick stuff onto balloons with a hot or cold glue gun. But as you can guess, this poses the problem of accidentally popping your balloon!
This is what makes the stick-on butterflies so convenient.

To display your balloons, you can:

  • Tie a balloon weight to the ribbons
  • Use balloon sticks to display them or
  • Let them float up to the ceiling for a romantic, ethereal feel (like the picture below)
butterfly birthday party balloons decorating the ceiling
Let the balloons float up to the ceiling as a unique party decoration

DIY Butterfly Balloons

butterfly birthday party balloons decorating the ceiling

Get ready for the easiest DIY of your life.

Butterfly balloons are the perfect DIY project for adults and kids alike- anyone can make them. You can use them for any butterfly-themed childrens party, summer & spring partys, baby showerts and even weddings.


OPTIONAL (depends on how you plan to display the balloons)


  1. Inflate latex balloons with a personal helium tank and curling ribbon
    with air using balloon sticks
    purchase inflated latex balloons
  2. Fold your chosen butterflies and stick the included 2-sided tape on the middle-backside of each butterfly
  3. Stick butterflies onto the balloons until you are satisfied with the look


Just remember that the more butterflies you add to the balloon, the more weighed down they will become and the less time they will float.

Recommended Products

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

And there you are! You’ve got your DIY butterfly balloons. Easy right?
This is a great party decoration DIY to have in your back pocket for both outdoor and indoor events.
What are some other things you like to add to balloons to spice them up?

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