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37 Special ETSY MAN GIFTS That You Can’t Find Elsewhere

One of my favorite things to do every year is to come up with a gift guide for men. I usually create them from Amazon but this year, I’ve learned a thing or two that has led me to make the conscious decision to support and amplify small businesses.

Unfortunately, the thing with small businesses (in a world where online-shopping is king) is that it can be hard to find them online and when you do, they may not have the most readily accessible online storefront.
This is why I like Etsy- it is a huge marketplace where I can fall into a rabbit hole of unique, one-of-a-kind products. When I shop Etsy, I know that I’m buying something made by an artisan or a creative individual like you or me.

So, I’ve literally spent hours on Etsy bookmarking the best and most unique gifts that I would personally give my husband, father, brother, friends and other family members. And below, I’m sharing the list with you!

37 Etsy Gifts For Him
that you won’t find elsewhere

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

1. This hand-carved WOOD SPEAKER to amplify the sound of his favorite songs and videos at any event

Handcrafted from American walnut, this wood speaker fits all iPhones and Android phones. This shop will plant one tree for every speaker purchased!

2. A sentimental SOUND WAVE PRINT
of your song of choice

Pick a song of your choice (or send in your own audio) and have it turned into a sound wave print for a very thoughtful and unique gift.

3. An ultra useful DOCKING STATION for the organization freak

This super-handy docking station is compatible with all cell phones and is designed to hold your phone, tablet, keys, wallet, glasses, watch, in a variety of beautiful plywood colors.

for the guy that loves his barware

This gorgeous whiskey barrel comes with a sophisticated brass spigot and can be filled with all types of beverages (whiskey, wine, beer, etc). He will show it off at every party!

for the dude who loves his dog

Keep his dog secure, safe and looking good by having its important information engraved onto one of these gorgeous dog collars.
Get a matching leash here!

6. This personalized WATCH STAND for slick and stylish organization

This watch holder showcases his favorite and most commonly used watches in a sleek wood design.

7. Your handwriting or your kids drawing turned into a VALET TRAY
for all his stuff

Click to shop this VALET TRAY from Etsy

What a heart-warming gift- you or your kids can write a message or draw a picture and they will engrave it into this leather catch-all tray.

for the coolest uncles only

This funny “Funcle definition” graphic tee is the best uncle gift!

9. This rustic/industrial style
for book lovers or as the perfect office decor gift

This bookend lamp can double as a bedside lamp and hold the books on his nightstand! In addition to home decor, it makes for a stylish office desk accessory.

10. This tough yet stylish WEEKEND BAG made of canvas and faux leather

This personalized travel bag makes a great-looking gift for ANY man and is sure to get a lot of use.

11. A custom GOLF BALL MARKER and DIVOT TOOL that can be engraved with his name or initials

This golf ball marker and switchblade divot tool are two of the most practical gifts that you can get a golf lover.

12. A customizable METAL GRILL SIGN,
perfect for the grill master in your family

For the guy that takes pride in his grilling skills, get him this personalized metal grill sign for the patio or backyard grill.

13. This sophisticated WASHBAG that keeps all his toiletries in one good-looking place

This faux-leather washbag is perfect for storing his bathroom accessories and grooming supplies while at home or on the road.

14. A BEER CAP MAP in the shape of a football, with his teams name on it

A beer cap map lets him create unique wall art using beer bottle caps from his favorite breweries.

15. This PERSONALIZED APRON for the guy that knows his way around the kitchen (or barbecue)

Encourage his passion for cooking, grilling or baking with this personalized Head Chef Apron.

16. Super-macho WEIGHTLIFTING CUFFLINKS for the gym junkie

Talk about unique- these dumbbell cufflinks are perfect for the guy who likes to pump iron.

17. An ENGRAVED KEYCHAIN with a custom drawing or a message written in your handwriting

Send him an engraved keychain personalized with a heartfelt drawing or message so that he can know that he’s loved every day that he picks up his keys.

18. This super stylish SKINNY TIE & POCKET SQUARE for the fashionable trendsetter

Snag this stylish skinny tie and matching pocket square for the guy that likes to stay in fashion.

19. This PASSPORT HOLDER & LUGGAGE TAG SET for the jetsetter

Click to shop these TRAVEL ACCESSORIES from Etsy

For the man that loves to hop on a plane, get him this luggage tag and passport holder set to step his traveling game up a notch.

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20. This space-saving WOOD TIE HOOK
for smart and elegant wardrobe organization

This tie hook is compact and travel friendly so that he can organize his ties, scarves and belts wherever he goes.

21. An AIRPOD CASE adorned with a cool sticker to protect his precious AirPods

For the iPHONE lover, an AirPod case with his favorite celebrity is an affordable and surprisingly good stocking stuffer.

for the superhero buff

This superhero-themed decanter set is perfect for the die-hard Marvel fan!

23. These CROCHET HOUSE SLIPPERS with felt soles – perfect for a cozy winter gift

These hand crocheted slippers are made with wool and yarn to keep his feet warm, dry and comfortable when it’s cold at home. (Great holiday gift!)

24. A CUSTOM PET PORTRAIT for the guy obsessed with his animals

This watercolor-effect custom pet portrait can be ordered for any type of pet and would be great for the man who loves his animals.

25. This DIY ROBOT, to encourage his critical thinking and learning

The Walker Bot is a DIY robot kit with all the parts needed to make a robot that walks on its own! This seller has a variety of DIY kits (a dog, dinosaur, cat, etc) to choose from.

26. This glamorous WOOD WATCH so that he can stay on time in style

This wood watch is crafted from premium Brazilian rosewood and makes a bold statement wherever and whenever you wear it.

27. PERSONALIZED GOLF TEES, for a simple, affordable but very useful gift

Personalized golf tees are an easy and affordable stocking stuffer to give the dad, grandpa, uncle, husband, son or friend that is obsessed with golf.

28. A FUNNY NOVELTY T-SHIRT like this one,
for the guy that likes to make people laugh

When he wears this funny workout t-shirt to the gym, everyone around will have a laugh.

29. A NEON MAN CAVE SIGN for his sacred space in the house

Add a pop of color to his man cave with this neon man cave sign.

30. This portable wooden BEARD COMB that will have him grooming his beard 10 times a day

Did you know that wooden combs are healthier for hair because they distribute natural oils more easily than plastic combs? Share that factoid with him as you gift him this personalized and very portable beard comb.

31. A 50 STATES PHOTO MAP to track your adventures together, in a picturesque way

Capture your life together with this 50 states photo map that shows where you’ve been with photos of each experience.

32. A pair of CORK COASTERS to honor his favorite state, city, town, island or mountain

You can gift a pair of these modern cork coasters with the state or city that he’s from or where you met or really any place that means a lot to him.

33. A WOOD MEMORY BOX that you can personalize with your favorite trip, event or memory

Store photos, mementos, tickets, and other treasures that represent your special moments and relationships in this custom memory box.

34. FUNNY BOXERS that will make you both laugh when he puts them on

Click to shop FUNNY BOXERS from Etsy

These funny boxers make for a great anniversary or long-distance relationship gift.

35. Unique FEATHER BOWTIES like this one, for the man who likes to be different from everyone else

What is more unique than a bowtie made of real bird feathers? If you want to get him something that will wow the room and that no one else will have, this is it.

36. A METAL WALLET INSERT laser-engraved with a personal note or sentimental picture

Give him a pleasant way to remember his loved ones every time he opens his wallet with this sentimental wallet insert that can be personalized with a picture or note.

37. MATCHING T-SHIRTS that say “We’re Together”

Click to shop these MATCHING T-SHIRTS from Etsy

Show up as a UNIT!
These ‘His’ & ‘Hers’ T-Shirts are 100% cotton and get softer with every wash.

Have you fallen in love with anything on this list of Etsy gift ideas for him?
If so, let me know and drop a comment!

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