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25 Black Owned Etsy Shops for stunning gifts & products

This post is about Black Owned Etsy Shops.

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Christmas and other gift-giving holidays are coming up so you know what that means….
A lot of us are headed over to

Etsy is one of the most popular sites to buy gifts because they are known for selling handmade, unique and personalized items.

Buying handmade items adds a level of care and tenderness to your gift and buying something personalized shows that you invested thought and effort.

Equally important, shopping on Etsy helps you to support small businesses!!

Supporting small businesses boosts the community and puts money in everyday peoples pockets. (These big box companies won’t miss your dollars!)

Buying small also lets you affect change in the communities that need focus and attention. This is why you should support black owned Etsy shops the next time you shop for gifts!

Why Should You Buy From Black Owned Businesses?

It is well documented that due to a history of racist laws and inequality, black communities generally bear the bad end of a racial wealth gap. Spending your money in and on the black community plays a part in bridging that gap by allowing black business owners to generate more savings, build more investments, own more property and pass down wealth generationally (something that black people haven’t been free to do for very long).

By using your dollar to support black business, you also show large companies the importance of being more inclusive.

I have scoured Etsy, Google, Facebook chats and more to come up with the following list of 25 black owned Etsy stores. Every single one of these online shops sells beautiful, high quality and unique items that would be wonderful to gift a loved one.

**This post may contain affiliate links. This means I earn from qualifying purchases but at NO additional cost to you**

25 Black Owned Etsy Shops
full of amazing goodies

For The Gamer


Custom Nintendo Skins
Click to shop Nintendo switch skins and accessories from Etsy shop: SwitchSkin

If you’re shopping for a gamer, here’s a way to customize their gaming system for their style and personality. Switchskin is an Etsy shop that sells beautiful and unique Nintendo Switch skins, Switch Lite skins and Pro Controller skins. Nikki is the California-based owner and designer of this shop; her skins are flexible, scratch and tear-resistant and removable, making them the perfect accessory for everyday use.

For the Book Lover


Read in style!
COMADEIT is a Texas-based Etsy store owned and operated by Blair (who is a nurse by trade). Blair creatively turns vibrant graphics into high quality items like these bookmarks (which are the most unique bookmarks I’ve ever seen). Readers of all ages are sure to get a kick out of these unique page-savers.
(And while you’re at her shop, check out her fabulous notebooks, chapstick holders, planner dashboards and so much more).

For The Sports (or Music) Enthusiast


canvas prints of michael jordan and lebron
Click to shop canvas prints of your favorite athletes and celebrities from Etsy shop: WallCanvasMall

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this shop is owned by Rashaad Hannah, who also designs the canvases. WallCanvasMall sells different types of canvas art featuring epic moments in sports, music and pop culture. Some of the more recognizable faces are those of Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Lee, Star Wars, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.
Check out his inventory for something epic to honor your loved ones interests.

For Personalized Gifts


If you know someone with an Apple Watch or you plan to give someone an Apple Watch, then I’ve found the perfect accessory gift for you.
At CreativelyApplied, you can customize Apple Watch bands with a name, a picture or a symbol that represents a persons career or hobby.
In addition to the watch bands, you can find other items to customize (like coasters and mousepads) in this Philadelphia-based shop.


One of the most heartfelt gifts you can get someone is a personalized portrait. Natasha is a visual artist and the shop owner of OnTheEdgeCreations. She offers high quality custom, made-to-order portraits of the loved ones in your life.
This would make a great gift for those that are separated by distance such as a military family or a long distance relationship.

For Babies/New Parents


This romper and headband set would make excellent baby registry or baby shower gifts. Oonaloo is the black owned Etsy shop that sells these African print clothing items and accessories for babies, toddlers and kids.
Melanie is the owner, designer and creator of this shop. She has a strong foundation in the fashion industry and an eye for bold and fun African wax prints.

For The Jewelry Lover


Ashley is the shop owner of OmiWoods. As you can see, she sells gorgeous and well designed jewelry pieces that are ethically handmade with fair-trade African gold and globally sourced, conflict-free, fine metals.
I am a huge fan of the two necklaces above: the cowrie infinity necklace and the double up coin necklace in gold vermeil.
Visit her Etsy shop for the inspiring story on how and why she started her business.


CanDid Art is a California based jewelry shop owned and operated by self taught designer – Candice Cox.
Candice hand-makes each piece of jewelry and at the time of this posting, can be contacted to create special designs. CanDidArtAccessories also sells non-jewelry items like fun greeting cards and masks.


For the friend or family member who likes to stand out and be different, buy them something from DFY (pronounced defy) Creative.
Dr. Cordon is the creative mind behind this Etsy shop and she finds joy in creating unique pieces that women can feel beautiful wearing. This is most certainly the shop to find edgy, funky and unique handmade earrings.

For The Family/Friend That Loves To Cook


A great gift for the family or friend that treasures their kitchen or loves to cook is this fabulous cutting board from MorningJoyCo.
This cutting board can be customized with your family name like you see above and/or with a family recipe of your choice.
MorningJoyCo is owned by the Allreds, a husband and wife team from Arlington, TX, and they make other types of custom laser-cut wood signs and home decor!

For The Art Lover


Monica Ahanonu is a Los Angeles-based illustrator that is known for her bold and colorful style. In her shop, she sells illustration prints that honor black icons and pop culture. Monica’s work has been featured in huge publications and by visiting her Etsy shop, you can have a piece of that talent to display in your own home or to send to someone you know!


printable digital art from a black owned etsy shop
Click to shop affordable digital prints that you can frame for an instant gift from Etsy shop: PRINTSbyDeze

Digital prints are perfect as last minute gifts.
You can print them at home or in a store, pick up a frame and tada- you have a clever and instant gift that anyone can use to decorate their home and work spaces.
PRINTSbyDeze is the sister shop for this lifestyle blog and in this Etsy shop, you will find digital art for multiple occasions and stages of life.


african american art for purchase on etsy
Click to shop colorful and vibrant illustrations like these from Etsy shop: thepairabirds

Tabitha Bianca Brown is the owner of this Etsy shop. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and has a distinct retro and tropical style. Her shop is filled with vibrant and colorful illustrations of human life, animals and nature.
If you know someone with a midcentury modern decorating style, artwork from thepairabirds would fit right into their home.

For The Jetsetter


effiespaper is a top shop for gifts.
The owner, Kalyn Johnson Chandler, is a self taught graphic designer and a busy professional and mom – a lifestyle that is reflected by her pretty Etsy shop inventory.
effiespaper is filled with stationery, journals, coffee mugs, desk accessories and other novelty gifts. Each item has a distinctly feminine style and you might chuckle at some of their cheeky sayings.

For Style & Apparel Gifts


black owned clothing and accessories gifts
Click to shop African Fabric Ties, Bowties & Headwraps from: GabeJadeAccessories

Ade Ogbomo is the owner of this highly rated, Dallas-based Etsy shop and if you’re looking for a couple gift, this is the place to find it.
This accessory shop is filled with coordinating neckties, bowties and headwraps.
Bonus! They also feature several adorable dog bandanas which they have called “DogDannas”.


If you not only want to support a black owned Etsy shop, but also want to support a team of women, check out DesignsbyAbike.
Abike Oyedele is the founder and owner of this shop, but sews and designs with a group of other women.
In addition to typical clothing items, this shop sells accessories like clutches and jewelry. My favorite items on sale are the African fabric aprons; they’re super useful but also super stylish.
**For the typical readers of this blog, make sure you check out the about section of this Etsy shop for an inspiring TTC story.

For The Student


black owned stationery
Click to shop Beautiful Paper, Planner Decor & Pens from Etsy shop: TheFinePrintPaperie

If you’re shopping for a student or an entrepreneur or someone who loves stationery and office supplies, shop at TheFinePrintPaperie.
Risha, the owner of this California based Etsy shop, has put together a curated shopping experience for desk accessories of all kinds. The items are colorful and unique, perfect for sparking creativity.

For The Yoga Lover


When you’re not sure what you want to buy, you should visit thetrinigee.
On Etsy since 2017, this shop features a wide variety of products including tote bags, tumblers, stickers, phone cases, pillows and shirts, that are all infused with a dose of black culture.
One of their most popular design lines is the “black woman yoga poses” which can be purchased on socks, mugs, sweatshirts, etc for your favorite yogi.

For Vintage Goods


If you know someone that collects vintage goods or that loves fashion with a history (no fast fashion), visit and bookmark this shop now!
Staraya Ptitza features a collection of vintage bags, jewelry, accessories and homewares that have been curated by Erica- the owner of the store.
Erica’s items are highly rated and known to be clean, high quality and in great condition.

For Home Goods


BespokeBinny is an extremely popular Etsy shop and for good reason.
It is the home of some very unique and beautiful products, designed and made by Obenewa (nicknamed Binny).
In this very popular shop, you will find African inspired home goods like lampshades, oven mitts, aprons, pillows, hot water bottle covers and much more.
What a great way to gift someone who loves home decor!


black owned novelty shop novelty items
Click to shop a wide variety of novelty items from Etsy shop: JadoreNewYorkCouture

Another great shop to browse for a variety of unique gift ideas. JadoreNewYorkCouture sells everything from clothing to home goods.
For people with babies, check out their popular diaper bags and baby throws which you can personalize with a name.

For Unique Gifts


cork vegan leather pouch and wallet from etsy
Click to shop this cork pouch and cardholder from Etsy shop: mindthecork

How do you shop for the person who has everything? Buy them something made out of cork!
Jenny is the owner and designer of mindthecork Etsy shop. Everything in this shop is made using natural cork from Portugal. They sell cork planters, wallets, pouches and sculptures.
Through this shop, I learned that cork is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, which also makes it a thoughtful gift for the environmentally conscious.


gold flaked earrings and coasters from a black owned etsy shop
Click to shop these gold flaked creations from Etsy shop: VortexCreationz

At VortexCreationz, you can find unique resin coasters, earrings and other accessories. Based in South Carolina, this store is highly rated and offers the everyday product, but with a unique take.



black owned greeting card etsy shop
Click to shop fun greeting cards from Etsy shop: CardCraftUS

Based in Oregon, CardCraftUS is a highly rated and black owned Etsy shop that exclusively sells cards. Their cards are beautiful and feature smart, comforting and sometimes funny quotes on the front, with the option to customize the card on the inside.
You can have a card sent directly to your recipient for almost any occasion or holiday- meaning that you can pay once and get everything (the writing, packaging and mailing) all taken care of.



Last but definitely not least, top off your brilliant black-created gift with wrapping paper and accessories from this Etsy gift boutique: CopperandBrassPaper.
Ariel is the owner of this shop based in Georgia and she specializes in creating Afrocentric wrapping paper and other paper goods that promote diversity and inclusivity.

It’s important to remember that when you shop, you vote with your dollars. And when you support communities in need, you affect long-term change.

So, when you are shopping Etsy for gifts this season, make sure you pick up something from these black owned Etsy shops.

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