{Free Printable} Birthday Gift Tags – Fabulous!

FREEBIE ALERT!! Download these printable birthday gift tags for instantly fabulous gift wrapping!

free printable birthday gift tags

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I hate buying gift tags from the store.
Let’s be real- they are completely a vanity item. 9 times out of 10, you know exactly who gave you the gift so the tag is unnecessary. They are just for people like me who like to obsess over gift presentation.

I’ve always felt that the money spent on buying gift tags is very rarely worth it.

Whenever I’ve bought them in the store, they are usually super generic and pretty expensive for something that will be ripped off and thrown in the trash in just about 1.8 seconds.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that people actually make their own printable gift tags! Like what?? Cute gift tags for the free free?????

For some reason, I had never imagined any other option besides buying gift tags before.

After finding that out, I got on the computer to design these fabulous gift tags to label your birthday gifts and you know I had to share it with you!

Below, you will find two free printable sheets of birthday gift tags (that are super cute if I do say so myself).
Each sheet has 9 gift tags in a variety of styles for you to pick from.

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All the way at the bottom, you will find the instructions to put these printables to work, as well as my recommendations for cardstock paper to print it on, what to tie them with, etc etc.

*These printables are for personal & non-commercial use only

Download Here: Free Printable Birthday Gift Tags

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this first set of birthday gift tags:

I love these free printable birthday gift tags! The designs are super cute and I don't have to waste money on something that will be tossed in 2 seconds. So easy to use and I love how they feature black girls
(No watermark on the PDF version)

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this second set of round birthday gift tags for free:

free printable birthday gift tags
(No watermark on the downloaded version)
Yield: (unlimited)


printed thank you gift tags displayed on bags and wine

Looking for the perfect (and free) gift tag to add the *chefs kiss* to your gift wrapping?
Here are the directions to use these printable gift tags after you download them.


  1. Print the PDF Document
  2. Write your "To"s & "From"s
  3. Cut out your chosen gift tags along the dashed lines
  4. Hole punch the gift tag(s)
  5. String ribbon or bakers twine through the punched hole and tie it to your gift

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, as they say


Gift tags are best printed on cardstock.

You can send these printables out to print at Fedex, Kinkos, etc
print them at home using your own laser printer and cardstock paper.

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If you liked a particular birthday gift tag design, let me know by commenting below! I’ll tell you which one is my favorite!

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