15 Free Printable THANK YOU Tags – for gifts & favors

Download these free printable Thank You Tags to make your party favors & thank you gifts stand out.

free printable thank you gift tags post

Honest to goodness, my dream is to one day have a gift closet where I can store backup gifts and gift wrapping supplies so that I can whip up a present at a moments notice.

I’ve been caught off guard one too many times without the necessary supplies to put together a good looking gift the way I’d prefer to put it together.

(and don’t even bother telling me that the way my gifts look don’t matter, lol I don’t wanna hear it!)

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been designing my own printable gift tags, for all occasions.

printed thank you gift tags displayed on bags and wine
You can literally tie them onto anything…wine, gift bags, boxes…

I’ve shared the printable birthday gift tags that I designed and these glam, free printable Christmas tags, and today, I’m excited to share these thank you gift tags that I came up with.

I’m obsessed with them – I think they’re so stylish.
Classic, black, white, gold leaf…. I’m TOO excited to use them.

Download your copy below.

(And if the occasion is a baby shower, don’t you miss my free baby shower thank you gift tags)!

*And as always.... These printables are for personal & non-commercial use only!

Download Here: Free Printable Thank You Gift Tags

(Scroll all the way down for instructions on how to use them and what to print them on).

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this first set of thank you tags:

free printable thank you tags
Click Pic to Download

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this SECOND set of thank you tags:

free round thank you gift tags to print
Click Pic to Download

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Yield: (unlimited)


printed thank you gift tags displayed on bags and wine

Looking for the perfect (and free) gift tag to add the *chefs kiss* to your gift wrapping?
Here are the directions to use these printable gift tags after you download them.


  1. Print the PDF Document
  2. Write your "To"s & "From"s
  3. Cut out your chosen gift tags along the dashed lines
  4. Hole punch the gift tag(s)
  5. String ribbon or bakers twine through the punched hole and tie it to your gift

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, as they say


Gift tags are best printed on cardstock.

You can send these printables out to print at Fedex, Kinkos, etc
print them at home using your own laser printer and cardstock paper.

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Enjoy the convenience!

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