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A Gray GENDER-NEUTRAL NURSERY Reveal (easy to recreate!)

Today, I am so so excited to share something so precious with you all and that would be….my nephew’s (future) nursery!

When they found out that they were expecting, my sis & brother in law decided to convert the small room that is attached to their master bedroom into a nursery. They had originally planned to make it a small home office, but alas, baby came calling and it was the most logical place to put his room.

I was very happy when my sister asked me to help decorate my nephew’s room and of course! I said yes!
Not only was I happy to take something off their plate, but the fact that it had to do with decorating the room that he will grow up in was an honor.


The room is painted gray [Behr SILVER BULLET from Home Depot] and the original plan was to wallpaper the largest wall to give it a wow factor.

Plans change by the time we put everything together. We fell in love with how soothing the room was without wallpaper and we decided to do without it.
(Sometimes, less is more, am I right??)

Before showing you the pictures, I have to give my sister the credit for picking almost all of the nursery furniture (she has great taste, what can I say).
It made it really easy and fun for me (and my cousin) to come in and design the room layout and shop for the accessories that tie the room together.

Keep scrolling for pictures & details on how you can recreate this compact, but serene nursery!


When you open the door to the nursery, you will immediately encounter a feeling of tranquility & peace.
We accomplished this feeling by working with a monotone color palette and making sure that the room is complete but NOT too busy.
The abundance of natural light cascading into the room also helps.

Here is what you would see if you were to open the guest door into the nursery-

peek into the gray baby nursery
A peek into the baby room

Keep in mind that this room has a relatively small footprint.

Funnily- this room reminds me of the movie Aladdin, when the genie described himself as “Phenomenal cosmic powers … iiiitty bitty living space”.

This room has everything that baby needs, despite its size.
(Thankfully, this room is way bigger than a magic lamp)!

small, gender neutral nursery with crib, changing table and mirror

To warm up the space (and break up all the gray), we deliberately accented the room with gold/brass details.

One extremely easy and budget-friendly DIY that had a huge impact was replacing the dresser knobs (which were the same gray as the dresser) with these brass knobs from The Home Depot.
It played off of the brass mirror above the dresser especially well.

gray baby changing station
The baby changing station

Hands down, one of my favorite items in this room is this woven hamper. It is so so so pretty and very high quality! My sister actually ended up buying another one for her master bedroom.

baby nursery closet and hamper
Baby room closet & hamper

On the other side of the room, we added some these versatile curtains that have both a tulle layer for that dreamy look and a room darkening layer to block out light when you want to.

The curtain rod is just a cheap rod from The Home Depot that we spray painted gold (to complement the other gold accents).

nursery window, curtains and books


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What do you think of this nursery!?

If you have any questions about any of the details above, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!

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