**Easy DIY** Virtual Baby Shower Box

This post is about how to create Virtual Baby Shower Boxes (or kits) for your online baby shower guests.

diy virtual baby shower box
DIY Virtual Baby Shower Box

If you are planning a virtual baby shower, one of your biggest concerns may be…..
How do I make this baby shower feel more like a party…and less like a Zoom work meeting”.

When I was planning my sisters baby shower, I racked my brain to come up with a way to make the virtual shower feel every bit as exciting and as interactive as a traditional baby shower.

I finally solved this problem by sending each baby shower guest, what was essentially, a party in a box.

A virtual baby shower box is a curated kit that you put together to create an exciting experience.

The box will include everything you need for an exciting party: baby shower games, favors, gifts for the mom, baby shower registry information, “cake”, libations and anything else you want for the party!

Keep reading for all the details on how I made my boxes and ideas to make your own, personalized virtual baby shower box!


What To Use For Packaging:

There are a lot of good box types that can be used if you will be dropping off your baby shower boxes. However, if you will be mailing your boxes like I did, you will want a sturdy box that is designed for mailing.

I used this corrugated mailing box because it is sturdy, it is the perfect size for small package first class mailing and it is an affordable buy for 50 boxes!

baby shower mailer boxes
Mailing boxes for virtual baby shower guests

What To Include In Your Baby Shower Box

virtual baby shower box

Ideas to make it FESTIVE:
Printed baby shower games
Cake – any individual wrapped treat (like cake pops or chocolate covered Oreos) that can be mailed and eaten by the guests at “cake-cutting” time)
Libations – you can include a mini sparkling cider or a cocktail recipe that everyone can make together
Themed baby shower swag – like matching balloons that everyone can blow up and display before the party or matching pins for each guest
Baby shower favors – examples are “a baby is brewing” can doozies or “mommy to bee” honey soap bars

Ideas for the MOM TO BE:
A blank card and pre-addressed envelope – for people to send well wishes and advice to the mom-to-be
Registry information – so that people can send gifts either via mail or online store delivery

Packaging – like shredded paper and ribbons
Themed box decor – stickers, drawings, stamps, etc
Stick with a color palette or theme (like nautical, baby animals or floral)

The Mailing Process:

Make sure to mail your boxes in more than enough time for your guests to receive them before party time.
In my experience, mailing the boxes using USPS First Class Mailing was the cheapest option.


DIY: Virtual Baby Shower Box

virtual baby shower box

A baby shower box (or kit) is an excellent way to make a virtual baby shower just as fun and interactive as a live baby shower.
Mail or drop off a baby shower box to each of your party guests and let them know not to open it until the baby shower starts.

Your virtual baby shower box is completely customizable and below you will find the links to buy the items that I included in mine.

Add baby shower instructions, registry information, games, treats and favors- all in the theme of your choice.
Get creative!


  1. Assemble your mailer/box
  2. Fill the box with shredded paper
  3. Organize the printed baby shower games and treats however you choose to
  4. Tuck the top cover behind the front of the box
  5. Address the box
  6. Decorate the outside of the box (with stickers and other baby shower themed decor)
  7. Tape the box opening

You're ready for mailing!

Happy Baby Showering!

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