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16 Inexpensive Subscription Boxes To Look Forward To Every Month

Life feeling dull & boring? Sign up for one of these inexpensive subscription boxes for a monthly surprise!

You know that feeling when you get something in the mail?
Like a card or invitation or gift?

It feels really exciting.

People don’t send much mail anymore so it has become hard to capture that feeling (which is maybe why we are all addicted to Amazon Prime).

Well, there’s another way I’ve found to get that feeling of excitement and that is… to sign up for a subscription box!

light blue subscription box package with a card attached

I’ve done subscription boxes in the past; I’ve done a food one and also one for shoes.
I really enjoyed them but had to cut them for budgeting purposes.

RECENTLY though, I signed up for a very inexpensive subscription box that I love.

It’s an underwear subscription box called Knotty Knickers. For a little more than $7, they send me 2 cute undies every month.

It gives me a thrill to anticipate something new in the mail every month (especially now when I’m not leaving the house much).
Also, it makes me a feel a bit adventurous and it’s a great opportunity to refresh my lingerie drawer (hehe).

When I was on my quest to discover inexpensive subscription boxes to sign up for, I found a BUNCH of really really good ones that I want to share.

Below, I’ve listed the ones that seemed most interesting and high quality.
(I skipped over the boxes that offered things like 2 tea bags for $10 because, are you kidding me?).

So yeah, keep reading if you like the idea of monthly gifts to yourself (or someone else) 🙂

**This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**


for the fragrance lover!

1| SCENTBOX, a designer fragrance subscription box


a stack of perfumes from scentbox which is one of the inexpensive subscription boxes

I love this one because I’m trying to build a perfume collection.

Every month, you choose and receive a 31-day supply of a designer fragrance in a chic box. It’s a cool way to discover new scents before committing to a full-size bottle.

1B| Another fragrance alternative:
– $14.95/month

your partner will enjoy this as well!

2| KNOTTY KNICKERS, a lingerie subscription box


You can choose to receive 1, 2 or 3 new pairs of underwear per package.
The best part is that they let you choose between no thongs, all thongs or a mix.

2B| Other lingerie boxes:
BOOTAYBAG – $10+ per month
– $14 for 2 pairs of underwear per month

for the stylish!

3| SOCK FANCY, a sock of the month club


Every month, you get a pair of high quality socks (pick between crew or no-show socks) delivered right to your doorstep!
You have to check out the designs they offer. Very unique!

to bring some life into the world

4| SUCCULENT STUDIOS, plants straight to your door

$10/month (+shipping)

two succulents which is what you receive monthly in on these inexpensive subscription boxes

For a really bargain price, you get TWO 8-week old organically raised, succulents (with care instructions) delivered to your door.

Isn’t that awesome? You can build a little succulent nursery and nurture life. Love it!

5| SIMPLE LOOSE LEAF TEA, a tea subscription box


Are you a tea lover?

If so, this box sends you 4 loose leaf teas from around the world every month. The box will include a variety of black teas, green teas, herbal teas, with different caffeine levels, flavors and seasonalities.

Each box also comes with a reusable tea filter.

If you’re questioning the value- each box equals out to about 16-20 cups of tea! It’s a definitely a fun way to become a tea connoisseur.

6| FAIR TRADE FRIDAY EARRING OF THE MONTH, an earring subscription box


You receive GORGEOUS earrings created by women in impoverished countries.
You get to look cute and positively impact the world at the same time!

great for families with kids!

7| MUNCHPAK, a global snack box


budget-friendly subscription box with snacks

This box delivers new & popular (full size) snacks from all around the world.
Perfect for learning more about other cultures.
Also perfect for the foodie in your life!

8| USED BOOKS MONTHLY, book subscription box


Thanks to the pandemic, your library is probably on lockdown.
Well, thank God for this book subscription.

Every month, get a gently-used book in the genre(s) of your choice.
I love the fact that these are gently-used books because it’s good for the environment and brings some character to your home library.


Sephora Play! – $10/month
Ipsy Glam Bag$12/month
Birchbox$15/month (less if you commit to 12mo.)

With SO many beauty products out there, it’s nice to try out different items every month. You never know what you might fall in love with.
That is where a beauty box comes in.

These boxes may have a variety of makeup, hair and skin products. Check out each beauty box to find one that suits you- they’re all a bit different!

(UP TO $25)

10| PENNY + GRACE, a jewelry subscription box


With this box, you get 3 pieces of jewelry each month. Your jewelry picks are selected according to your style and your metal of choice.

11| BONJOUR JOLIE, a subscription box for your period


Each (customizable) box may include edible treats, teas, drinks, body and bath pampering items, hygiene wipes, pain meds and menstrual protection- all to get you through that time of the month!

And if you’re in the DIY mood, I’ve put together a bunch of ideas for making a period care package.

12| URTHBOX, a box of healthy snacks


Anyone on a special diet (vegan, gluten-free, etc) knows how hard it is to find snacks that work with your diet.

Well Urthbox will help you discover delicious eats that will work for you.

You get to pick between the classic box, vegan box, gluten-free box or diet box, then, they send you a variety of foods, beverages and snacks for you to enjoy.

13| COCOTIQUE, black hair & beauty subscription box


Each month, you will get 5 full size products and multiple other gift sized items to pamper yourself and your hair.

14| WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB, a monthly delivery of wine

$25 + shipping/month

Two bottles, expertly selected for your enjoyment, each month!

A great gift for the wine newbie who is trying to develop their taste in wine.
Equally a great gift for the experienced wine drinker who likes to experiment.

15| MICKEY MONTHLY, a Disney themed box


If you’re Disney obsessed, you can receive a box of licensed Disney and Disney branded items right to your doorstep, each month.

16| FAITHBOX, a Christian subscription box

starting from $18.29/month

Grow closer to God and strengthen your faith with monthly themed devotionals, prayer cards, books, etc. They also have a digital community you can join.

For the October box last year, they sent out a beautiful prayer box made in India, a calendar with inspirational quotes, acacia wood spoons, a book and a devotional.
LOTS of goodies and a very fun thing to look forward to every month.

**They even have a faithbox for kids**

I hope you’ve found a fun box to cheer you up and increase your sense of wonder and excitement in these strange times.

I haven’t mentioned one last thing that these budget-friendly subscription boxes are great for- GIFTS!!
Extremely unique and personalized gifts!

Send your friend or family member a subscription box and they will be so grateful to receive a little surprise in the mail every month!

If you sign up for one of these cheap subscription boxes, make sure you let me know in the comments!


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