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The Best Laparoscopy Packing List for Endo Warriors | PDF Printable

This post provides you with a FREE Laparoscopy Packing List Printable.

a laparoscopy packing list that can be printed out for free
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If you are feeling anxious about what to expect from your laparoscopy for endometriosis, I totally get it.
The comments that our fellow Endo warriors have been leaving on my definitive guide for endometriosis surgery and the questions that are asked on my endometriosis support groups lets me know that we have all feel the same way and it is normal.

Which is why, by popular demand, I put together this printable laparoscopy packing list to make the experience less nerve wracking!

Here are the “must-have” items as well as some “optional” items that you should consider packing for an endometriosis laparoscopy.


Laparoscopies for endometriosis are usually outpatient procedures, meaning that you should be in and out the same day.
This means that you most likely won’t need much, but there are some essential things that you should not forget.

Please remember that my blog posts are for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as medical advice. This information is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

1. Identification & Insurance Information

Let’s just say you don’t want to end up getting your kidney taken out when you are there to get a laparoscopy.
Let’s make sure they identify the right person mmmk??

2. Maxi Pads

The hospital will have pads for you but if you’re like me, those things are flimsy compared to the pads I like to use (Always Overnights what whaaat!)
You will most likely have have some discharge and/or bleeding so bringing the maxi pads of your choice to go home what is a good idea.

And no matter what you do, NO TAMPONS!!!

3. Loose Attire / A Dress

Lose the cute leggings and the matching athlesiure set.
You will have tender incisions on your stomach and near your waist so you need something that puts the least pressure on that area as possible.
I suggest a dress or really loose pants that cling way above the lower stomach or way under the bellybutton.

4. Extra Underwear (breathable & unrestrictive)

If there was ever a time for for granny panties, it is now.
Similar to #3, you need something that will not hug you where the surgical incisions are.

5. Socks

It gets cold in them hospital streets. (Or should I say in them hospital sheets? Heyooo!)
Socks (and maybe even some slippers) are essential because they’re going to have you walking up and down the hall to urinate and you really shouldn’t do that barefoot.
A lot of hospitals will give you a pair of non-slip socks but if they don’t, you will have brought your own.

6. Gas-X

This is the one thing that I regret not bringing the MOST.
Let me tell you…. the gas pain during recovery was the WORST thing about that surgery. Taking Gas-X might not completely take the pain away but trust me- any help is good help!
If you want something more holistic, you can also try peppermint tea but that did not work at all for me.

7. Hydration

Any hospital that is worth its salt will provide you something to drink obviously. BUT, if you have any preferences, restrictions or if you have a long drive home, bring your own water and/or other hydrating drinks (like Gatorade). Staying hydrated will help you heal and recover faster.

8. Bland Snacks / Crackers

You’ve been fasting for over half a day at this point.
You will be hungry!
But you will also be…nauseous.
Oh the irony.

What you can do is bring some light snacks that you can tolerate on a sensitive stomach (like Saltines). Even though you may feel like it, don’t eat too much or too quickly. Between the nausea and the gas pain, you may regret it, believe me.

9. Prescription Medications

You may not have been allowed to take your prescription medications while fasting for the laparoscopy. So, if they are really important, you should bring them and take them as soon as the surgeon says it is okay.

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Since most laparoscopies for endometriosis are outpatient procedures, it is unlikely that you need the following items.

But, in the rare case that you are admitted overnight for observation or due to complications, these are a few things that can make your stay more comfortable.

My recommendation is to leave them in the car or with whoever you brought to take you home until you find out that you need them.

  • Sleep Essentials – Hospitals are notoriously difficult to get good rest in so you may choose to bring things that help you sleep more comfortably overnight.
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Phone Charger – You need your phone alive for entertainment and for practical purposes.
  • Heating Pad
  • Pillow – To make the car ride home more comfortable, a lot of women recommend wedging a pillow between your stomach and the seat belt. I have also heard someone recommend pressing a pillow against your stomach when you sneeze or cough to put less stress on the abdomen.

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I hope this Laparoscopy Packing List makes surgery prep a bit easier for you.
Don’t forget to treat yourself kind through soothing self care, engaging in endometriosis support groups and maybe even an endometriosis gift to cheer yourself up after surgery.

Good luck on your surgery and HAPPY HEALING!

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