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Life Lately – No. 2

I’m baaaaaaaaaack 🙂

It’s been a couple months since my last life update.

So many things are changing right about now.
The holiday season is starting. We are on the cusp of a new year and I’m already thinking reflections, vision boards, yearly mottos, goals, etc.

I kind of had the intentions to make this a quarterly thing (every 3 months) but you know what? It’s been 2 months and it just FEELS like a great time for a life update.

Wedding fun in Downtown Des Moines

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Remember on the International Travel Planning post when I shared that we had booked our annual family trip?


We booked a trip to Hong Kong. Amazing right? We thought so too. It was going to be the first trip to the Asia continent for both of us and we were hype!

Then, Hong Kong exploded into protest!
If you don’t know about this, I’ll point you to a summary by the BBC here.

We held out for a month or two hoping things would calm down, but after a protester’s life was taken, that was it for us. We cancelled the Hong Kong trip for a full refund (which was honestly a miracle). I went to San Diego for a few days instead and our trip is on hold for now.

Am I sad?
Not really. The extra time we ended up having eventually worked out for our benefit.

On another note, over the last month, I’ve been working on going gluten free(ish).

I just want to start this section by raising my ignorant hand and apologizing to all the people I previously side-eyed for going gluten-free.
I judged you and I was wrong ma’am or sir.

I am going gluten-free(ish) for several reasons:

  1. To decrease bloating from endometriosis (aka endo-belly)
  2. To see if it affects fertility at all
  3. To see if it improves my skin at all

I’m on some endometriosis facebook groups and with endo-belly being one of the most obnoxious and embarrassing symptoms of endometriosis, women spend a lot of time discussing how to get rid of it. Something that has come up over and over again are people that notice improvements after they go gluten and dairy free.

I researched it a little bit and it appears that even if you don’t suffer from celiac disease, gluten can cause an inflammatory response which may lead to severe bloating? I’m not totally sure. All I know is that I wanted to try it.
The bloating was majorly annoying and I was also developing a lot of bumps on my skin so I decided I would give it a try.

You’re probably wondering how it’s going?

Um well, it’s going.

Going gluten-free has a steep learning curve!
Being gluten-free(ish) has also led to some interesting discoveries.

Like one time, I went to a pizza spot and ordered gluten free pizza and it tasted like dirt, cost more AND was 2.5x higher in calories than the normal pizza. I was like, WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS THIS???

Side note, did you know that Snickers is gluten free? I don’t know why that took me by so much surprise! (So for all those people that think gluten-free = healthy? Stop thinking that.)

So yeah, gluten-free is my newest project.
I take breaks a few times a week, hence the “ish”.

LASTLY, I’m still preparing for my sisters wedding.
To be honest, I thought I would post a lot more about the maid-of-honor process but nahhh… it’s much less straightforward than I expected lol.
I’ll probably have a lot more to share after the wedding.

One thing I can share is that– the bachelorette party trip will be to Austin!! 🎉🎉

I’ve never been to Austin so I’m excited about that. However, I’m MOST excited to see my girls!
I’m planning some reeeeally good activities so make sure to check back in in a few months. 

Where We Are On Our Fertility Journey

I don’t even know.

We are right on the cusp of a tough decision:
medical intervention vs. continue to try naturally.

We don’t know which way to go.
And most times when I’m undecided on something important, I give it more time and let God show us the way.

So, more time it is.

Plus, we just have way sooo so so much going on right now.
We need to conclude a struggle or two before we dive head first back into our fertility journey.

Happening On The Blog:

I’m happy to say that this November, the blog hit a major milestone that I have been working towards for months and months! Yayy!
I’m excited and rewarded myself with somewhat of a break. (Didn’t blog for like 2 weeks).

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my direction and vision for the blog, how to promote a community here, what my new goals will be, etc etc.
A LOT of THINKING people!

I still don’t have many answers but despite that, I’m forging ahead!

Right now, with it being the holidays, I’m doing my best to help y’all feeeeel it. I want to bring you holiday cheer and value. 

One of the posts that that I love that I’ve written so far is “All I want for Christmas is a BABY- Infertility During The Holidays.”
Check it out- I think it’s a pretty good one.

Something else that I’m looking to bring your way are gift guides for groups that are normally forgotten. 

For example, I’ve written a gift guide for those with endometriosis

I’m also looking forward to writing one for medical residents [edit: read it here] and maybe one for in-laws (am I the only one that finds it super hard to shop for in-laws)? 

That’s LIFE LATELY by me- Deze.

How’s YOUR life lately?

Share below in the comments & THANKS for reading!

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