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The Cold Is Coming: 9 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Not going to lie, I’m sad to see summer go. 
I really hate the cold and as fall starts, I’m already starting to dread the colder temperatures. I am trying to encourage myself to look on the bright side- with fall comes the holidays, fall fashion and things that feel cozy!

There is a significant difference between the stark white and airy décor themes of spring and the warm toned and texture-rich décor themes of fall and I do love to see that transition happen.

Are you changing up your home décor for the new season?

If you’re like me and you’re looking to up the cozy factor in your home, how about you try one of these 9 ways to make your home feel more cozy, just in time for the cold (and holiday guests).

9 Stylish Ways To
Make Your Home Feel Cozy

1| Switch out your bright white light bulbs for soft white ones

a warm hued lightbulb for a cozy home

Even though it may seem like any light bulb is a light bulb, they actually come in different hues which give off different moods.

Bright white light bulbs give off a light similar to daylight. This is perfect for the spring and summer.
On the other hand, warm colored light bulbs have a more yellow hue making it more gentle to the eyes and relaxing to the feel.

Look for bulbs that are labeled as “soft white” (like these) and use them in your living room or bedrooms for a soft and cozy ambiance.

2| Light a cozy & woody scented candle (or 2!)

The sense of cozy doesn’t just come from what a room feels or looks like- it comes from what a room smells like too!

Just imagine: the new laundry smell, or the husky scent of candlewood or patchouli? Certain smells just make you feel grounded and at home.

This fall and winter, look for candles with the following scents: Cashmere, Vanilla, Coffee, Pumpkin, Cedar or Sandalwood, Balsam & Amber.

How about these options that you can get right in the mail from amazon?
(The Amber & Smoke one is created to be sustainable because the jar can be used for fashionable storage after you run out of wax). Also, the fall harvest trio would make an AMAZING gift!

a fall harvest candle trio to give your home a good smell
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amber and smoke soy candle
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3| Fake a fireplace by strategically placing faux flickering lights

What is more cozy than a fireplace in a cabin in the woods?

Since I’m guessing you’re not reading this from a cabin and if you don’t have a fireplace (or ever light it like us) you can get the same cozy feel of a fireplace by snagging some faux flickering lights or candles.

I bought a few of them thinking they would probably look corny and fake but I was pleasantly surprised by the nice ambiance they gave.

To make the effect more authentic… place your flickering candles above the line of sight or position them slightly out of view (or near another object) so that they cast shadows and give off the look of an actual flickering candle. You can also dim the room to get the full effect!

4| Change your bedding to something heavier and more luxurious

Colder temperatures mean a lot more time spent cuddling up in bed (not wanting to go to work).
When you go to change up your bedding this season, opt for something heavier and more luxurious in texture.

I am currently loving some of the modern velvet quilts and duvet cover sets that they are selling online.
I’m stuck between these 2 gorgeous options from Amazon. Which do you like better?

a red velvet duvet set to stay cozy during winter
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feel cozy and stay cozy with this green quilt set for the home
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Bonus Tip: choosing a darker color than you would for the summertime will help your bedroom to feel cozy right in time for fall/winter.

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5| Add Warm Wood Accents

Certain textures just give you that comfortable sense of being grounded and safe. Wood is one of them.

Whether it be a side table, picture frame or a whole shiplap accent wall, introduce some wood decor into your space to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Check out this list of wood projects you can make for your home!

6| Break out the Seasonal Decor

a welcoming wreath like this one can make your home feel cozy
Is there anything more inviting than this fall wreath? It’s literally saying hello!

| Shop Amazon Holiday Decor |

For most people (including myself) the onset of fall signifies the upcoming holiday season.
If you love the holidays, break out the holiday decor early– why wait? Bring out the Christmas lights, the tinsel, the pumpkins, the garlands, etc.

You can really build up excitement for the holiday season by introducing the holiday decor gradually.
A holiday wreath this month, tinsel the next month and finally Christmas lights in December? Try it out!

7| Layer Textures

Knits! Linen! Flannels! Faux fur! Velvet!
Allllll the textures that were too hot to enjoy in the summer; it is finally their time to shine!

This is my favorite part of fall and winter decor- chunky blankets and soft pillows make me never want to leave home.

Click to shop this blanket on Amazon

8| Add Textiles that you didn’t have before

Add a rug or curtains or throws! Even some extra soft and cozy towels!
Layering textures and textiles gives off a softness that screams comfort.

Plus, they are practical!
A good rug shields you from the cold of a wood or tile floor and quality curtains prevent drafts from getting in and making your house cold.

9| Stick to a Cozy Color Palette

Traditionally, a warm color palette has been known to make for an inviting home. (Think about it, thanksgiving is known for it’s yellows, oranges and reds).

You can incorporate those colors into your decor or if you’re like me and you’re not a fan of those colors, you can still use color to encourage coziness by incorporating soft and warm grays as well as creamy whites into your decor (instead of cool whites or grays).


You don’t have to incorporate all of these tips for your home to feel cozy.
Try a few and see if your house doesn’t instantly feel more inviting.

With these changes, you’ll be more than happy to be at home come hail, rain or snow this cold season!

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