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GET THE LOOK: Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

I think I want to decorate my guest bedroom like this! Doesn’t it just look comfortable?

Image Credit: MaisondePax (click image to visit the original post)

This bedroom belongs to Rachel at Maisondepax.com. (Sidenote: she HAS to be superwoman because she runs a successful blog, mothers 4 children, teaches photography, homeschools and more). Tell us where you’re manufacturing the extra energy Rachel!

Ha! Back to the room, Rachel seems to favor farmhouse decor and I really really like her clean and modern take on it. It’s not overwhelming and we’re not having wood pallets and crates stuffed down our throats.

I took a look to see how achievable a room like this would be. I found that the whole schabang can easily be furnished through online shopping and the grand total is VERY reasonable.

Here are my ideas:

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bedroom products


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  1. Bed Frame (Queen Size)  (Update: click HERE for another option)

2. Accent Chair 

3. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 

4. Duvet Cover & Sham Set 

5. Black Desk Lamp (+ USB Port!) 

6. Gold Task Lamp 

7. Striped Cotton Rug 

8. Throw Blanket 

9. Throw Pillows 

Not Pictured:

GRAND TOTAL* = $767.12

*based on prices at the time of publishing this post


That’s a really good deal right? Comment below- what do you think about the options I found?

**I work really hard to only include products rated at least 4 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, reviews may change**

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