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GET THE LOOK: Winter White Living Room

When I was growing up, I didn’t know human beings could survive in sub-zero temperatures. I thought that was strictly polar bear territory.

Then I moved to the Midwest.

MY….GOODNESS!!! Sub-zero temperatures, snow storms, black ice, all of it became a reality so fast. It was a miserable time you guys. I did not enjoy those winters.

This year is a different story. I feel like I’m getting into the groove of the whole winter thing. I don’t love it more than California sunshine (let’s be real here) but I can appreciate it.

To me, this room right here represents the positive side of winter. Scandinavian vibes…winter whites…cozy throws…

Despite the strict black and white palette, it doesn’t come across as too cold and I love that. I can definitely imagine myself sipping tea in this space (with the space heater ON BLAST)!

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recreate this scandinavian snow white living room
Image Credit: Instagram @stadshem

Another great thing about this room is that it has that “I didn’t try too hard” vibe. While it obviously looks styled, it comes across like anyone can achieve this space.

And when I went on the hunt, I proved that to be true. I found some GREAT things! Check them out:

living room decorations and furnishings

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**


1. White Sofa // (another fantastic option

The idea here is to find a crisp white sofa with no yellow or pink undertones. Clearly, this isn’t the most practical option if you have kids, pets or live a messy life. However, we’re not here to talk about practicality. This is for fashion baby! Also, you can always spring for a crisp white sofa cover, which you can wash anytime.

2. Woven Chair (updated for 2022)

This chair (or should I say these chairs because it does come in a set of 2) is a fantastic dupe for the original photo. The great thing is that if you ever get tired of them in your living room, you can move them all around your home- to the dining room, home office, bedroom…

3. Cross-Legged Tray Tables (updated for 2022): Coffee Table Here & the Taller, Thinner Table Here

Both of these tables are foldable which make them ideal for smaller spaces and for people that up and move quite a bit. The tray table feature also allows you to place more things on them without fears of falling off.

4. Black Lamp

psst: I have a whole list of affordable floor lamps in different home decor styles & tastes. Check it out.

5. Fringed Throw Blanket

Remember when I mentioned that this room doesn’t come off too cold or frigid? Well, one reason for that is because they have incorporated soft textures like the white throw blanket. Layering textures is a must do if you intend to achieve this monochromatic magic.

6. Black IKEA Frame

Well, it doesn’t get more scandinavian than Ikea, does it now? (In the USA, at least). You better believe that adding this black IKEA frame to your living room will show your walls some major love.

7. White Frame w/ Mat

I like how they’ve contrasted the black IKEA frame with these white frames. They’re kind of the yin to each others yang.

8. Black Basket 

More interesting texture is introduced by way of this seagrass basket. To keep it from getting too bohemian, it’s in black which is consistent with the color palette here.

9. Throw Pillow Insert

Huge fan of pillow inserts! This is a great way for you to switch up your home decor. Whenever you feel like it, just shed the old pillow cover and don another one!

10. Dalmatian Pillow Cover

11. Plant

Even for black thumbs among us (me!), sanseverias are quite hard to kill, so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

So, what’s the tally???

**Prices were calculated at the time of publishing this post. Prices are likely to change**

This is a REALLY good price to furnish and decorate a whole living room.

One thing that we didn’t talk about is the rug.

Due to their particular floor plan, they used a pretty small rug so your personal needs are likely to vary.  Depending on your own floor plan and how much you decide to cover,  I found a few rug options for you HERE and HERE.

Please comment below and let me know what you think about this room recreation. Are you into this style? Any suggestions? Let me know.

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