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How to DIY a MONEY TISSUE BOX for birthdays & graduations (+ Free Printables!)

Looking for a festive way to gift cash? This DIY money tissue box is perfect for birthdays and graduations.

a happy birthday money tissue roll

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What’s a gift that is always needed and always wanted? That’s right – cash.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some people view money as a bland, unimaginative and tasteless gift.

I typically don’t agree with that viewpoint.

In fact, my sister and I have a fond childhood memory of visiting some family friends that had a slot machine at their house. We would play on it while the adults talked and would be overjoyed to collect some extra quarters to buy snacks with on the way home from school (lol). Over 20 years later, we still love that memory.

So, I was pleased to find a unique and exciting way of gifting dollar bills: the tissue box money roll.

I don’t quite remember where I first saw someone make one of these tissue boxes that dispense money but it’s my new favorite DIY birthday gift for sure.

In addition to birthdays, it is an awesome gift idea for graduations. Money leis have been the go-to cash gift for graduations for so long, that this will be an unexpected way to switch it up.

It may even be appropriate for weddings. Some newlyweds prefer and request money and this allows you to gift it in a thoughtful yet distinctive way.

No matter the occasion, the information below is everything you need to become the most popular money gift-er around.

What is a Tissue Box Money Roll?

Also known as a money tissue box or a dollar bill dispenser, this is simply a tissue box that is modified so that dollar bills can be pulled out of it (instead of tissues).

How do you make a Money Tissue Box?

This is probably what you came here for.

Well, below, I’ve included a list of supplies, written instructions, an overview video and printables – all to help you do this project.

I recommend that you completely read the instructions and watch the video before gathering your supplies, so that you can decide what components (especially the decorative ones) that you choose to add.

What are the necessary supplies?

There are only 5 mandatory items:

  • A Tissue Box
    I used this Puffs tissue box. Other brands, like Kleenex, will be a bit different in size. No worries though – my printables should be big enough to trim to whatever size you need.
  • Dollar bills
    This is one of the perks of this project! You can put in as few or as many dollars as you would like! For the instructional video, I used ten dollars total.
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
    I used this double sided tape, but one-sided tape works too.

In addition to those, you may also choose to have the following things available:

  • Box Decorations (like the free printables below)
  • Decorative tissue paper or confetti or shred filler

Instructions (Written + Video):

Yield: 1 Money Tissue Box


kleenex box money dispenser

No matter the amount included, this DIY cash dispenser is an impressive and unique money gift. (It's also very easy to make).

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost (your choice)


  • Tissue Box
  • Cash (any amount of your choosing)
  • Box Decorations / Printables / Paper
  • OPTIONAL: decorative tissue paper, confetti or shred filler


  • Scissors
  • Tape


Preparing the Box

  1. Open one side of the box and remove the wad of tissues inside.
  2. Re-tape the now empty box closed.
  3. Discard the flap at the top of the tissue box. and fold open the plastic slit.
  4. Decorate the four sides of the box with whatever box decorations you prefer. You can draw or write on regular paper and tape that on or use my printables which are included in the post. Some ideas of things to draw are: celebratory wishes, quotes, inside jokes, funny puns, etc.
  5. (optional) Some people also cut out paper to decorate the bottom of the box and the top of the box (around the opening).

Preparing the Money Roll

  1. Start with a strip of paper that says "pull here". (See my printable sheets for an example)

    (tip: You can use a strip of cardstock for a more sturdy pull tab, but it works just fine with regular paper too).
  2. Tape your first cash note onto the "pull here" tab.

    (You can tape the two pieces end-to-end flush or overlap a little. It doesn't matter).
  3. Tape the next item onto that first cash note.

    I use the word "item" because you can choose to tape your dollar bills back to back of each other or you can alternate dollar bills with other things like paper arrows or even quotes printed on paper. This makes the money roll longer and more dramatic. (In the video, you will see that I alternated an arrow after every 2 dollar bills).
  4. Keep taping dollar bills and other papers end to end until you have exhausted your supply.

Put Them Both Together

  1. Starting from the bottom of the money roll, roll the taped bills up towards the back/blank side of the "Pull Here" tab!

    (This is important because it will sit upright in the tissue box if you roll it this way. Otherwise, it is likely to slouch or slip into the box. See the video for clarification).
  2. When you have rolled it up to the "Pull Here" tab (leave some of the tab sticking out), insert the roll in through the top of the tissue box.
  3. Add decorative tissue paper, confetti or shred filler to not only make the box more festive, but also to support the money roll and hide the "money surprise" from plain view.

Your box is ready to go!

Recommended Products

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Free Money Dispenser Printables

// These printables are for personal & non-commercial use only. Not authorized for resale or retail use //

Like I’ve mentioned, you can use regular computer paper and just draw your own decorations for the tissue box.

As for me, I don’t draw. I just don’t have those skills.
But when it comes to designing something on the computer- oh I can do that.

So, to make this DIY easier, I designed four squares, a “Pull Here” tab and a couple arrows, in 2 themes (graduation and birthday).

Both versions include a funny pun “Don’t blow it all in one place” (get it??).

Both also have a blank square that you can customize with whatever you want.
For example, you can write a personal note, have multiple people sign it, draw something cute, whatever you want.

The graduation pages also have an inspirational quote that you can use.

(Because different tissue boxes vary in size, you may want to cut these squares to size to fit your tissue box of choice).

Here they are. Click to download…

Printables for Graduation Money Boxes

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download the graduation pages.

money tissue box printables for graduations

Printables for Birthday Money Boxes

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download the birthday pages.

money tissue box printables for birthdays
For more birthday printables, check out my free birthday thank you tags.

Are you going to try this project? Tag me on Instagram if you do! I’d love to see the reaction of whoever you gift it to.

What are some other clever ways that you gift money?
Comment below.

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