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Mother’s Gift Guide: For The Mom Who Doesn’t Want More STUFF

Last year, I sent my mom and mother in law what I thought was a brilliant gift. It was an engraved, custom made picture box to store jewelry, pictures and other trinkets.

They were both thankful and grateful for the time and effort that I had put into getting them the gift.

…but eventually my mom spilled the real tea (lol).

She revealed how tired she was of stuff.
She explained that she has spent a lifetime accumulating things and at this point, she doesn’t need more of it. What she treasures is family time (and money let’s be real) above anything tangible.

It makes sense to be honest. 30+ years of getting trinkets and stuff from your multiple kids. I’d probably be over it too.

Because of this (and also because I am trying to live a more minimalistic, clutter-free life), my focus this year will be on giving gifts of experiences and opportunities, instead of more stuff.

Below, I am sharing my gift guide full of experience gift ideas that I brainstormed and researched just in case you want to celebrate your mom in a different kind of way.

Mother’s Gift Guide / Ideas

1| Ask her about her childhood dreams and help her fulfill one (e.g. going horseback riding or running/walking a race)

2| In-Home Painting Party with the family

3| A Mini-trip or Getaway Weekend

4| Family Photoshoot

5| A Video Tribute with loved ones saying why they appreciate her (bonus for including friends and family that she hasn’t talked to in a long time)

6| A Netflix / Hulu / Prime Subscription

7| Massage

8| Take Her to a Play or Movie

9| Pay for a House Cleaning Service

10| Fun Classes (with the family): Cooking Class, Crafting, Flying Class, etc.

11| Wine Tasting

12| Dinner Cruise

13| Share Your Mother by Volunteering Your Time

14| Pamper her with Spa Time & Facials

15| Plan a Picnic

16| Gift Her an Audible Subscription

17| A Paid Gym Membership

18| Live Performance: A Concert, Comedy Show or Sporting Event

19| Write a Heartfelt Letter (take it a step further and frame it)

20| Scrapbook Some Family Memories

21| A Museum Pass

22| Take Her to a New (or Favorite) Restaurant

23| Check out Groupon for Local Experiences!

24| A Free-For-All Day: let her design an entire day and pick activities that everyone has to do

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If you pick something off this list to do, be sure to comment below and let me know!

Also, if you have something to add, comment below and I’ll add it to the list along with a shout-out!


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