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DIY New Nurse Gift Boxes – Congratulations on Graduating!

This post is to share what I put into the ‘Congratulations on Becoming A New Nurse Gift Boxes” that I sent to our loved ones who recently graduated from a BSN program.

A few weeks ago, Husbae and I were blessed to attend the graduation ceremony for not one, not two but three of our close family members who graduated from a Bachelors of Nursing program. These are family members with full on families, multiple kids and full time jobs. So you can imagine how proud of them for this great accomplishment.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we weren’t able to give them the gift we felt they deserved right at the graduation ceremony.
So, we decided to send them a congratulatory gift instead.

new nurse gift box ideas

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I chose to send them gift boxes because in my opinion, curating a congratulatory gift basket is a bit more unique and special than just buying something off a shelf and sending it.
We wanted gifts that were practical that they could use as new nurses, but also items that they wouldn’t already have – like some of the personalized/custom items that you will see below.

With this in mind, I immediately went to Etsy (I love me some Etsy!).

It took me a while to research and hunt down some of these products, but no regrets here, because they all turned out to be very high quality gifts and I am really excited for our new nurses to receive their gift boxes!
Now that I’ve dropped them off at the post office, I’ve come on to share what I found just in case you need inspiration for creating a new nurse gift box for your friend or family member.


Great Gift Ideas for New Nurses: WHERE TO BUY

(Click the links for more details/pricing of each item)

  1. Nurse TOTE BAG
  2. Engraved PEN & SLEEVE (faux leather!)
  3. Personalized BADGE REEL
  4. Erasable SILICONE BRACELET for Nurse Notes & Vital Signs
  6. Assorted Stickers


I used my favorite mailing boxes to make these!
(The same ones that I used for my sunshine boxes and other projects).

I put two common things in each gift box:
1. A personalized badge reel with the name of each of our new nurses. (Affordable and they look so high quality)!
2. An erasable silicone bracelet that each nurse can use for keeping track of vitals and notes (so practical and unique!

Then, in each box, I included one unique item that is specific to each persons personality.

In the first box, I included a stylish stethoscope necklace customized with her name, because she loves to be fashionable.

gift ideas in a mailing box for new nurses

The second nurse gift box was for a male nurse, so we got him a personalized (faux-leather) pen and sleeve.
(On the card I included, I told him that no one would ever steal his pen on the hospital floor again lol).

Personalized Grad Gifts for New Nurses
Gifts for a New Male Nurse

For our third nurse, I bought a tote bag customized with her new credentials and in her favorite color (purple).

***Side note….can y’all see why I love these corrugated boxes? Not only are they lightweight and affordable, they are so versatile!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that they even fit the (regular sized) tote bag that I ordered!
This is why I keep these boxes around; they do so much!!

three mailing boxes with gifts for nursing graduates
Boxes packed and ready for cards, stickers and the post office!

My last two steps were to write heartfelt words onto a nice thank you card and then decorate each box with nurse themed stickers.
Finally, I shut the boxes, taped them and mailed them off at the post office. (They each cost from $4.75 to $6.50 to mail).

Can’t wait for them to get it!

A huge congratulations to the graduating nurses out there! You are truly the bedrock of our healthcare system and I am so so proud to know ya!
These new nurse gift boxes are the least we can do to show you that we are proud of your accomplishments and we look forward to the bigger and greater future that you have in front of you.

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