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22 Open When Letters for Your Boyfriend & What to Put in Them

If you’re looking to give your boyfriend a gift that literally keeps on giving, these Open When Letters for Boyfriends will do the trick. Printables included!

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Open When Letter Ideas for BOYFRIENDS

If you ask me, one of the best uses for open when letters is to show love towards a significant other.

For me, that’s my sweet husband.
For some of you, it would be your boyfriend. And boy, have I got something that’s going to help y’all out today!

You see, for some time before we got married, my now-husband and I were in a long-distance relationship. On top of that, I wouldn’t say we were broke but we were saving for a wedding, so extravagant displays of affection were definitely not in the budget, know what I mean?

From that experience, I learned a thing or two about doing creative things in order to maintain intimacy.

One way to do that are with these boyfriend letters that I’m going to help you learn how to make.

Trust me- they just might be the best gift you’ll ever give him – besides you, of course 🙂

How Do Open When Letters Work?

Essentially, it’s a package full of letters with instructions for when to open each one. It’s truly one of the most unique and personalized gifts for anyone dear to your heart. That’s why it’s one of my favorite gift ideas for boyfriends. Or husbands!

Imagine yourself receiving one- the excitement and anticipation of opening the next letter is a gift in and of itself.  

Also known as “open me when” letters, they are perfect for long-distance relationships because the suspense brings about a feeling of passion even though the both of you are not together in person.

I actually have an epic guide of 160+ ideas for open when letters. It’s jam-packed with ideas for every occasion if you want to check it out.

How to Make Open When Letters for Your Significant Other

First, you’ll need to decide on the topics for your special someone.

You can choose topics that are event-oriented like “open when you graduate from college” or “open when it’s our anniversary.” Or, they can be feeling-focused like “open when you’re having a bad day” or “open when you feel uncertain.”
There are thousands of possibilities.

If you need some help to get started, I’ve included plenty of ideas in this post that you can use for inspiration.

open when you are sick envelope label
Printable Envelope Labels Below!

Also, you can find tons of ideas for DIY open me letters that are fun, creative and sweet on Pinterest.

If you’re not the artsy kind of person, no worries.
These can be as simple as you want them to be.
It really is the thought put into the letters that is so appealing – not so much how you decorate them.

The one thing you do want to make sure to include is the rules.

The basic rules are:

  • Absolutely no peeking!
  • Open only when the topic applies.
  • Let me know when you opened one.
  • And don’t throw any of the letters away.

Of course, you can add some more rules that apply to your personal situation or preference.

Why These Love Letters Are the Perfect Gift for Long-Distance Relationships

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Two-way communication is essential in every relationship. Without it, the fire can gradually die, and the relationship will eventually turn cold.

Thankfully, especially in our techy society, there are many ways to keep in touch with a long-distance boyfriend, and keep the fire burning.

What I will say is that few things are more romantic and thoughtful than a well-written, old school, “love letter.” It provides something physical that you can keep in a special memory box and revisit as frequently as you want to.

And if you end up getting married, your kids and future grandkids can have a front row seat to your love story.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, open when letters are one of the sweetest (and most romantic!) gift ideas for your boyfriend.

It’s challenging to be away from someone you love and to keep those communication lines open, especially with busy schedules and possibly, time differences if you and your boyfriend are states (or continents) apart.

With a series of letters to read and reread, your man will have a special message to look forward to, something to be excited about, and something to remind and assure him of your love while waiting to be reunited in person again.

I highly encourage you to try it.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff – what to put inside.

Read all the way down for the Printable 'Open When' Envelope Designs
printable open now letters and envelopes

What to Write Inside “Open When” Letters for Your Boyfriend 

You should keep a few important things in mind as you decide what to put in these letters for boyfriend.

Think about these questions:

  • What special message would you like to tell him on your anniversary?
  • How would you describe your thoughts and feelings toward him at this point in your relationship?
  • What should you tell him if you want to console him when he’s having a bad day?
  • What little things would make him smile and feel better when he’s under the weather?
  • How can you encourage him to continue pursuing his goals so that he can succeed despite the obstacles?

Taking the time to consider such questions before coming up with your letter topics can help you come up with the messages that will have the most impact when he reads them.

To get your juices flowing, here is the list of boyfriend-related open when letter ideas that I came up with:

1 | Open when you miss me

Tell him how much you long for him. Paint a picture of being reunited at the airport, the train station, or wherever your next meeting might be.

Include pictures of you or a cute slideshow or short video saved in a CD or flash drive. Or, you can include something that’s more personal like that perfume scent that he loves for you to wear.

2 | Open when you feel tempted

Help him to stay true to the promises you’ve made to each other. Use this letter to remind him that you will stay faithful no matter the distance or circumstance.

Help him remember your great times together, how your love story has unfolded, and the things he finds attractive and endearing about you (and vice versa).

3 | Open when you’re sick

Tell him how much you want to be with him and take care of him. When he tells you he opened the letter (remember, that’s one of the rules!), then send him a cozy blanket or comfy lounge pants.

You can also stash his favorite tea bags right there in the envelope to help him feel better or a recipe of your Grandmother’s chicken noodle soup.

4 | Open when you are sad

Remind your loved one that bad days are like storms. They may stay for a while, but they don’t last forever.

Write uplifting quotes or Bible verses that will inspire him to smile even when times are tough.

5 | Open when you need to know that I love you

Write a love letter that shows your boyfriend why and how much you love him. Describe how he has become a positive influence in your life in ways you never imagined.

You can write in your letter what you think the definition of love is and how that applies to him as your significant other. If you can, include a small, yet meaningful gift that symbolizes your love for him.

6 | Open when you need to laugh

Letters to your special guy aren’t all about love, romance, and butterflies in his stomach.

Close, intimate friendship is also an important aspect of your relationship, and what do all friends have in common?They have a good laugh together.

Funny open when letters for your boyfriend may include witty inside jokes, links to online videos you think are hilarious, or even remind him of those silly love spats you had that you can now laugh about.

7 | Open when it’s your birthday

This one can really work for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Consider including something that’s more personal like a photo from your first date.

Wish him happy birthday and include a small (like envelope-size small) gift inside.

Use your imagination here, but to jumpstart your creativity, you could include something like a tie, his favorite candy, movie tickets, etc.

8 | Open when you feel like we’re drifting apart

Due to busy schedules or some other personal challenges, you might feel like you’re drifting apart sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore.

In this letter, share a few creative ways to reconnect. Have you heard of the 36 questions to ask your partner that will make you fall in love? It’s meant for couples who have been together for years to help them grow closer.

9 | Open when you want to learn something interesting about me

Remember that advice to always leave room for mystery? There are reasons for that, and this is one of them.

Share an interesting story about your past that your man has never heard before. Trust me, he’ll think it’s cute even if he doesn’t admit it out loud.

10 | Open when we have had a misunderstanding or argument

Remind him that misunderstandings are a normal part of every relationship, and that you feel bad and sorry, too.

Tell him that you’re willing to work through your differences. You can also assure him that even when you’re upset, you are still committed to him completely.

11 | Open when you are working on something tough

Inspire your boyfriend to reach for his goals and remind him that you believe in him.

This letter can motivate your man to stay focused, determined, and persevere to reach that big hairy goal he’s set for himself (or for your future together).

And when he does achieve it, you’ll be the first person he wants to celebrate with.

12 | Open when you want to hear compliments

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves from time to time and to know that we’re desired. Your man needs those words too.

Tell him the things you love and miss about him.
Are you smitten by his eyes? Remind him of that. Do you find his intelligence more attractive than anything else? Let him know.

Whatever your compliments may be, describe them in detail.

13 | Open when you have a hard decision to make

Career change? Accept the promotion or not? Is that move worth it? We all have tough decisions to make at some point.

One of the ways we can gain clarity is by talking to someone who knows us well and is familiar with the goals and principles that guide our life decisions.

Let your boyfriend know that you trust him. Remind him that you are there to bounce ideas off of.

It’d be great to include a little printout of a pros and cons list in this envelope. It will help him weigh things carefully, and reassure him of your support.

14 | Open when it’s our anniversary

Your anniversary is the perfect moment to recollect the memories you two have shared.

It’s also nice to recall the lessons learned so far in your relationship, and how those lessons can help you grow stronger.

If you’re able to, include some sort of trinket from the beginning of your relationship

15 | Open when you propose

Of course, no pressure on this! But if you have been dating for a while now, and are discussing future plans, mutual goals, and even marriage, then this letter is appropriate.

Write a thoughtful letter to him for that special moment. You can even say “Yes!” right on that letter.  

16 | Open when you feel like you’re not good enough

Tell him everything he’s doing right and brag on him! This is the time to lay it on thick!

Remind him that he deserves to have good things.

17 | Open when you want to know how you make me feel

In this letter, write your boyfriend a few lines about why he’s the best man for you. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “someone may forget what you say, but they’ll never forget the way you make them feel.”

The way we make people feel is so impactful. Let him know that the impact he has on you is a good one! Don’t be afraid to get a little mushy in this note 😉

18 | Open when you feel romantic

When he’s feeling lovey dovey is the perfect opportunity to encourage reciprocation!

Inside this envelope, stuff blank notes, a pen, and maybe a gift card to Office Depot to buy some special envelopes, and encourage him to write his own set of “Open When” letters to you.

To cater to his romantic mood, go ahead and make this letter over the top. Fill it with little paper hearts, a single rose (or a dried, pressed one if a fresh rose won’t fit), or those cute little candy hearts with messages on them.

19 | Open when you feel stressed

It’s important to be a source of peace and relaxation even when you can’t be there in person. Write your boyfriend a letter that will make his stressful day a little less taxing.

Include things that you know will soothe him. For example, how about a gift certificate to the movies so that he can wind down by watching a flick.

20 | Open when you’re feeling nostalgic

Now is the time to take a walk down memory lane. Maybe make a list of “remember when” moments that are special to the two of you.

Include a scrapbook, photos, or a CD with a slideshow of memories from your relationship.

21 | Open when you’re in need of a cheerleader

We all need encouragement from time to time. Let him know you’re his biggest fan with words that encourage and uplift.

Remind him that he can do anything he puts his mind to and that you have full faith in his abilities.

22 | Open when the distance feels larger than normal

This is especially for those of you in long-distance relationships. Help your boyfriend find ways to overcome the distance.

Tell him how much it means to you that he’s making the effort, and let him know you’re fully invested in making this relationship work.

Printable Open When Letters for Your Boyfriend or Husband

One of the funnest and most unique parts of making these open when letters is decorating the envelopes!

If you’re not the artsy type or you’re in a rush, I’ve designed these printable ‘Open When’ topic labels that you can download, cut and glue (or tape!) onto the front of each envelope.
(I’ve also included blank ones so that you can add your own, custom topics, as desired!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this collection of ideas gets your creative juices flowing! Before I sign off, I want to answer a few common questions I’ve gotten about open when letters.

> How many open when letters should I make?

Well, that depends upon you of course! You can write letters in advance for all the special occasions and future events that relate to your relationship. There’s really no right or wrong number of letters.

I’ve even heard of people writing 365 open when letters. One for each day of the year!  

> What do you write in a cute letter to your boyfriend?

If you’re not sure how to start, or if you’re looking for some inspiration, there are plenty of examples of open when letters online, including this list I just gave you.  

Remember though that there’s no foolproof formula for this. Just write your heart out. Your boyfriend will appreciate it.

> How do you make virtual open when letters?

You can use Gmail’s schedule and send feature.
Compose your letter as an email, then choose the specific date and time when you want to send it to your boyfriend.

This may not work the best for the feeling-oriented letter topics. But, they’re perfect for the topics focused on holidays, special dates between the two of you, life achievements, etc.

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