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34+ Open When Letter Ideas for Your Bestie

This post is all about writing Open When Letters for your Best Friend.

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Finding a gift as special as the friendship you have with your bestie is tough!
Especially if you’ve known each other for a long time.

You want it to be unique. You want it to be personal. And you want it to be meaningful!

Well, writing your best friend open when letters ticks off all of those requirements.

Open when letters are an amazing gift idea for your favorite person. They allow for your presence to be felt even when you are long-distanced from each other. They are also known as ‘a gift that keeps on giving‘ because it takes a while to open up all the letters.

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Keep reading to learn how to make them and what to write inside.

Rules for Open When Letters

While there are an endless number of open when letter ideas for friends to choose from, there are a few set rules you should follow.

These are the basic rules that are included in most, if not all, open when letter packages:

  • No peeking!
  • Open each letter only when the topic applies.
  • Let me know after you open one.
  • Don’t throw any letters away. They should be a long-lasting reminder of our friendship.

Beyond these rules, you can include any other guidelines that are unique to your relationship and/or situation.

When to Give Your Friend a Set of Open When Letters 

These set of letters are a unique gift idea for your BFF in so many situations. Some examples are-

When It’s Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Give her/him something that you know no one else will give. The words you write and the tokens of friendship you include in the envelopes will be completely unique to your friendship.

When Your Best Friend Goes to College

These ‘open if’ letters can be a parting gift to wish them luck, motivate them and comfort them when they are feeling a bit homesick.

When Your Friend Moves Away 

Sending open when letters to a long distance best friend can make the distance feel more bearable. Even when they move away, they can take your memories, your personality and your inside jokes along with them wherever they go.

How to Make Open When Letters for Your Friends

Step 1: Think About Your Friend’s Interests 

The best gifts are NOT generic, they are personalized!
You want to show that you know your friend and also that you put some thought into this project. And if you’re on this page reading this, I am sure that you did.

Step 2: Brainstorm Topics

This is the step where you come up with topics to write on each Open When Envelope. Keep reading for 34+ topic ideas I’ve come up with for best friend open when letters.

Step 3: Pick Out Cute Stationery 

Make it fancy!
Go to the store and pick out some cute letter writing paper or pick up something custom like this personalized stationery set from Etsy (they come with envelopes!).

Either way, writing your letters on pretty stationery will make the letter writing process fun!

Step 4: Write the Letters and Package Them Like a Gift

It’s time to get to writing!

To see an entire OWL (for inspiration), check out my original Open When Letters post. (The example in that post is actually to my bestie).

When you are all done, it’s time to decorate your envelopes, seal them and find a cute way to send them off (or deliver them).

What to Write Inside Open When Letters for Your Best Friend

What to write in each open when letter for your best friend is really up to you. The topics that you choose can be just as unique and personal as your friendship. But for inspiration, see the ideas below….

34 Open When Card Ideas for Your Bestie 

These are just a few examples of open when letter topics that are perfect for friendships to get you started.

1. Open When You Feel Lonely 

Remind your best friend that distance is not the ‘end all and be all’. You can stay close no matter how many miles lie between you. This would be a great letter to tell your bestie that you’re always a call away. You can even encourage them to call you when they open this letter.

2. Open When You Can’t Sleep 

Include some sleepy time tea with chamomile with this letter. For the actual note, you can make up or copy down a soothing bedtime poem, like Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “Good-Night, to invite relaxation and sleep.

3. Open When You Don’t Feel Motivated

For this topic, you’re going to want to write an encouraging letter that reminds your best friend why they do what they do. Sprinkle in a few motivational quotes and affirmations.

4. Open When You Want to Reminisce

Now, this should be a fun letter to write. Use the opportunity to dig up some of your favorite memories together. They can be funny, meaningful or a little bit of both!

5. Open When It’s Our “Friendiversary”

Write about when you first met and your first impressions of one another. Describe how your friendship has transformed over the years and don’t forget to include how thankful you are for your BFFs friendship.
Finally, you can include a meaningful picture of the both of you or a classic symbol of friendship like a friendship bracelet.

6. Open When You Need a Silly Pick-Me-Up 

When your bestie is having a rough day, this letter will put some pep back into their step. Include some funny jokes, a funny story or a video link to watch something funny.

7. Open When You’re Upset

Include a letter letting them know that their feelings are valid and that tomorrow will be a better day.

8. Open When We Haven’t Hung Out in a While

This is the “I MISS YOU” letter! Let your bestie know that you miss hanging out with them, getting into trouble with them and laughing all day together. You can also start planning for the next time you will see each other.

9. Open When You’re Sick

There are so many things that you can include with this letter to make your best friend feel better. Tissues, cough drops, tea bags, soup mixes, etc. All of these things will help them feel like you’re taking care of them, even from afar.

10. Open When Someone Said Something Mean to You

Stick up for your friend with your words. Sympathize with them by letting them know that it’s normal to feel bad but also encourage them not to beat themselves up. Give them a virtual hug and let them know that they are awesome.

11. Open When You’re Having a Bad Day

This letter will be the emotional boost they need when everything seems to be going wrong. Include lots of praise, notes of gratitude, song lyrics and even bible verses to make them feel way better.

12. Open When You Miss Me 

Let your BFF know that you miss them too.
In this letter, find a way to make them feel like you are there with them. That may be a picture of you two or some other little gift that represents your relationship.

13. Open When You Want to Cry 

Sometimes, you just need to let it out and that’s okay! Let your friend know that you have their back and that you are there for them. In this letter, you can encourage them to call you if they need to talk. You can also include a few tissues to encourage them to let it out. You know what your BFF needs to hear!

14. Open When You’re Curious 

Write a letter full of interesting facts, nuggets and riddles to satisfy their curiousity!

15. Open When You Need Encouragement

This is the letter where you really want to let them know why they are wonderful and what you love about them. Include the things that you admire about them and what you have learned from them. 

16. Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You

Write a top 10 list of reasons why you love your best friend and let them know how your life has changed for the better ever since you became friends.

17. Open When You’re Having a Bad Hair Day 

They say friends don’t let friends have bad hair days. Let your bestie know what ways they look the most beautiful. You can also put a scrunchie in the envelope for a humorous solution to your BFFs bad hair day.

18. Open When You’re Sad 

Write a cheerful letter with all of your best friends favorite things. It could be corny jokes or cute cat memes – whatever will make him or her smile.

19. Open When You’re Angry

This is the “woosahhhh” letter. As your bestie, you most likely know the exact thing you need to say to calm them down. Write something soothing to help them get rid of their anger.

20. Open When You Need to Laugh

Write down that hilarious inside joke that always makes him or her laugh. You can also include a silly photo of the two of you to make them chuckle.

21. Open When We’ve Had an Argument 

The hope is that you never have a fight or an argument but sometimes it is unavoidable. Let your friend know that no matter what happens, they are uber important to you and you are invested in this relationship.

22. Open When You’re Stressed Out 

This letter can include a few things that let out stress and anxiety, like a sheet of bubble wrap, a stress ball or a de-stressing crossword puzzle.

23. Open When You Have Nothing Else to Do 

In this letter, you can give your bestie a long list of ways to fill their time.
For some ideas to get you started, check out 30 Small But Productive Things To Do From Bed and 48 FUN Things To Do When Stuck At Home (by yourself).

24. Open When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Your letter can include some empowering phrases like “Focus on one thing at a time” and “Progress is more important than perfection”. This will comfort your friend enough to help them focus.

25. Open When You Need to Think Positive Thoughts

Here is your chance to spread positivity like confetti 🎉. Write in some positive quotes or mantras and/or include positivity stickers that they can stick onto their laptop or mirror for an instant mood change.

26. Open When You Feel Uncertain About Something 

Include an empty “pros” vs “cons” list to help them make a clear decision.

27. Open When You Need Advice 

In this note, encourage them to call you ASAP! Your best friend should always know that you are available and willing to give them solid advice.

28. Open When You Want to Look Pretty

Let your BFF know that she/he is already so pretty! In addition, you can praise their best features and make them feel really good about themselves using self love affirmations.

29. Open When You Are Procrastinating

You can either help them procrastinate with goofy stories and drawings or give them the kick in the pants that they need to get going! You know what your friend needs!

30. Open When You’re Feeling Nervous 

Remind your best friend of their past accomplishments and let them know that they can handle whatever they are facing up against. You can also include some of these affirmations for confidence.

31. Open When You’re Throwing Yourself a Pity Party 

In this envelope, include a blank sheet of note paper and allow your best friend to vent and spill all of their emotions. Take it an extra step by including a stamp which they can use to mail their note (and their pity and problems) away.

32. Open When You Plan to Make a Major Life Change

Write a note with lots of encouraging words and motivational quotes to guide them through this big change. Let them know that you and their other friends and family are proud of them and will always be there as a source of support.

33. Open When You Are Hungry

Include a gift card to one of your best friends favorite places to eat.

34. Open When You Need Help

Include some resources and numbers that your BFF might need. You can tell them to call you immediately or remind them to call their counselor, support system or lifelines for the help that they need.

35. Open If You’ve Had Your Heart Broken

Write a letter reminding your bestie that they have survived heartbreak in the past and that they will definitely do so again. Let them know that they deserve so much better than the person or situation that broke their heart.

Have these ideas for writing open when letters for best friend inspired you? I hope so! I am a big fan of writing open when letters – they are always such a touching gift idea! I would love to know what your favorite open when topic is and the best reaction that you’ve received to one of these letters!

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