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Bachelorette Party Advice: 10 Tips To Go From “OK” to “The Best Ever”

This post contains the bachelorette party advice that will help you throw the Bach that girls will be talking about for years!

bachelorette party advice - this is a picture of 3 girls holding hands in front of a striped wall

I LOVE bachelorette parties (and trips).
If done right, they are the perfect little combination of love, friendship and fun.

Recently, I planned my sisters Austin Bachelorette Party and dare I say, it was EPIC!
(Check out the post for the itinerary and fun details & pics)

If you are tasked blessed with the opportunity to plan the bachelorette party or trip, I’ve got a few tricks that will make sure that everyone involved (including yourself) has an unforgettable time!

Keep reading for 10 tips to plan the epic bachelorette party that girls will be talking about for years!

Bachelorette Party Advice:

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1| Plan a party that is unique to the bride

The best bachelorette trip is one that represents the bride and prioritizes the things that she likes and is known for.

A picture of three girls in party masks. The most important bachelorette party advice is to make sure your party is unique to your bride.

If the bride loves music, for example, you can incorporate kareoke, take group music lessons or travel to a music festival.
If your bride loves Disney, plan a Disney-themed party or a bachelorette trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld.
If she’s outdoorsy, how about a bachelorette camping trip?

You get the idea.

As you might know from my Austin bachelorette trip itinerary, I did exactly this by starting my sisters recent bachelorette trip with a 5k run (she’s a runner).

The trip was uniquely her and she was soo happy with it!

2| Stay organized

I stayed organized by creating a simple little chart on my phone that looks something like this:

I updated it religiously by documenting who had purchased their flight or completed each step of the planning process.

With so many girls involved, it can be easy to lose track of things and you don’t want to do that, especially when money is involved.

3| Don’t underestimate the power of a group chat

When planning your epic bachelorette party, it’s important that you keep the lines of communication very clear.

Instead of communicating with each individual separately all the time, you can create a group chat (I used Whatsapp) where information can be shared all at once.

A group chat is a game changer for many reasons:

  1. It increases camaraderie and excitement! You will see the bachelorettes start to hype each other up during the party planning process.
  2. If there are participants that do not know each other, a group chat gets rid of some of the awkwardness of meeting each other ahead of time. This means that when it’s time for the party, you can spend more time on fun and less on awkward intros.
  3. It’s a great way to send pictures and videos that are taken during the bachelorette so that everyone (especially the bride) gets all the snaps.

4| Overcommunicate but don’t overplan

Whenever there is more than one person involved in a trip or event, things can get complicated.

I highly recommend that you communicate as clearly as possible! And when it comes to the most important information, communicate it multiple times.

Send out the date(s), location, itinerary and the expectations of when things need to get done (like buying flights) multiple times.
You might feel a bit obnoxious about doing this but trust me, the “overcommunicating” will hopefully prevent any drama later on.

At the same time, don’t overplan every minute of the event as that would make the party more stressful than enjoyable.

If it’s a trip, leave room in the itinerary for lounging and downtime. If it’s a party, leave some room for snacks, mingling and chatting with the bride.

5| Give each bachelorette a job

As the designated planner, it’s tempting to figure out all the details and then just tell everyone what’s happening. Less drama right?

Well, I will tell you that one of the best things I did when it came to planning my sisters bachelorette party was coming up with a list of jobs: (timekeeper, restauranteur, photographer, driver, etc) and asked the bachelorettes to volunteer or nominate someone for each job.

plan a bachelorette party by assigning the bridesmaids jobs

Not only was the volunteering/nomination conversation really entertaining, it was a great way for me to delegate things I couldn’t reasonably manage (which really decreased my stress).

I think it also helped everyone to feel involved in the planning of our bachelorette trip.

6| Ask for the group’s opinion

Another way to get the bachelorettes involved is to ask for their votes.

When planning for my sisters bachelorette trip, I made sure to take a few votes for what we wanted to do.

For example, I knew we were going to do a dance class and once I had narrowed down the dance company (and discovered that the bride didn’t have a preference), I took a vote between the girls to find out which type of dance we should choose.

Giving everyone a vote/opinion really increased buy-in and enthusiasm for the activities. (Just make sure your bride has first say).

7| Front load your itinerary

One valuable thing I’ve learned from traveling (especially on that last trip to Paris) is that over the course of a trip, it’s normal for your energy and enthusiasm to burn out.

With this in mind, what I like to do is to front load the trip with activities that require lots of energy (like our 5K for example) and days that have a lot packed into them.

Then, I like to make the second half of the trip much more chill (like the DIY activity that we did at my sister’s bachelorette trip for example).

8| Buy or DIY Bachelorette Swag

girls lounging on the bed in matching robes. take this bachelorette party advice- matching bachelorette swag makes for a good time!

Themed gifts definitely make the top 5 list of what makes a bachelorette party attractive and fun.
(There’s just something about coordinating as a group thats really exciting right?)

I highly encourage you to look into some bachelorette swag, even if it’s just something small like these super sassy sashes or ‘Bride Tribe’ sunglasses.

It doesn’t matter if it’s small or grand, it’s the coordination that really matters.

If the budget is of concern, you can easily DIY some gifts instead.
Check out this post on DIYing bachelorette swag using cricut.

Bachelorette favors encourage enthusiasm, make for really cute group photos and they are great souvenirs for each bachelorette to remember the event for years to come.

9| Provide a packing list

Few things are worse than asking everyone to wear jeans and then one girl brings jean shorts while everyone else has brought jean pants.
Ouch. Photoshop anyone?

Set clear packing expectations.

jeans, shoes and sunglasses to signify your bach party packing list.

After you solidify your itinerary, look through and see if specific attire is required for each activity.
DON’T assume that everyone will know what to do.

Make a list of the necessary attire for each activity (e.g. spandex shorts for pole fitness or bring sandals for the group pedicure).
Also think about the necessary attire for the bachelorette swag you’ve brought along. For example, if you’ve gotten everyone coordinating swimsuits, you can let them know to leave theirs at home.

A packing list will make sure that no one is unprepared and frustrated.

10| Anticipate their needs

I made a serendipitous discovery during the Austin bachelorette trip. I had wrapped each tutu with a hair tie when I packed so, when I got to the airbnb and unpacked, I had a pile of hair ties.

Later that night, girl after girl started asking if anyone had a spare hair tie. And I looked like the MVP for having a pile of them.

That taught me that to go above and beyond as the bachelorette party planner, it’s a good idea to identify what the girls may need for a fun, enjoyable experience.
That might mean a bluetooth speaker, games for down time or even hair ties or snacks!

Are you ready and feeling equipped to plan the best bachelorette party / bachelorette trip EVER?

I hope so!

Comment below and let me know what you think of this bachelorette party advice.

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  • Sherita Shipley

    I loved this post. Thank you for the tips. My sister is getting married in August (2021) and I’m nervous about planning amidst the pandemic…Do you have any suggestions?

    • Deze

      Hey Sherita, Congratulations to your sister! Don’t be nervous! I’m sure you know your sister very well. Just make sure to plan something that is customized to what she likes and is passionate about. She will love it!

  • Sandra

    My granddaughter is getting married in Dec 2021. For the life of me I don’t know why but she wants her grandma to be the maid of honor. (Told get I’m old so I’d be a Matrin lol)
    I have never done a bachelorette party and feel my ideas are too old fashion! Helpppp

    • Deze

      Awww how wonderful! You both must have an awesome relationship!
      As long as you are familiar with her likes and dislikes, I’m confident that you can plan a fabulous event! If you need help brainstorming, just shoot me an email!

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