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My Small Bathroom Makeover (Part 2 – Wall Color Ideas)

Welcome back to my small bathroom makeover! For part 2, I’ll be explaining our ideas for the bathroom wall color!

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As a refresher, here’s the ‘before’ picture of our bathroom before her makeover:

the before picture of the small guest bathroom before its cheap makeover

Such potential, she has! All she needs is a little TLC and her inner diva will SHINE!

the before picture of the bathroom wall that is about to be painted in agreeable gray

As you can see, we have a chair rail with beige paint on the top half and wallpaper on the bottom.

The wallpaper is coming out and we will use “Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams as our main color. Why?

  1. To Save Money (we still have some from painting our living room) and…
  2. Because we love Agreeable Gray!

SW’s Agreeable Gray is a beautiful light greige (a combination of gray and beige) that is both calming and dynamic. It’s not too beige in that it looks muddy- nope it’s clean, crisp and modern. It’s also not so gray that it makes the room cold- this color has a lot of warmth. Based on light exposure throughout the day, sometimes we get more beige and at other times, more gray. So far, we haven’t found anything we don’t like about this wall color.

Which is why we don’t have a problem reusing it for this bathroom. If anything, it keeps the bathroom cohesive with the living room since you can see one from the other.

We had also used “Snowbound” by Sherwin Williams for our living room trim and wanted to incorporate that (for additional cost savings). Unfortunately, we went down to the basement to discover that we don’t have enough.

So, off to the paint store we go to pick up more paint!

Deciding Between 2 Wall Color Ideas:

The side benefit of having to buy new paint is that we can switch things up a little more than we had planned.

The chair rail in particular presents the following 2 options:

Option #1 – Paint both sides of the chair rail the same color

Option #2 – Paint each side a different color

side by side comparison of two small bathroom makeovers, one featuring gray all over and the other with gray only above the chair rail

#1 – LME Designs (via Houzz)| #2 – Renato (via Apartment Therapy)

So, which one would you pick!? Tough decision right?

Well guess what? I’m not telling you guys what we’re going to do quite yet! I’m super curious to find out which one you think is better!


Make sure you read the next part to find out what we chose!

Navigate: ‘The Small Bathroom Makeover‘ SERIES:
PART 1 – The Before Pictures & Makeover Plan
– PART 2 – You are here
– PART 3 – The Mood Board
– PART 4 – The Reveal

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