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How to buy a budget sofa online and get it right (+ Round Up)

Welcome to 2021- in case you hadn’t noticed, buying a sofa at an actual store is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

People are global, online, move more often and generally live faster paced lives. In other words, there’s a HIGH likelihood at this point that you will need to purchase a sofa online, whether it be for a temporary fix or a permanent solution.

Now the question is… how do you get style, comfort AND stay in budget? I’m just saying, you’re kind of asking for a LOT my friend!

The style part is not that difficult to judge over the internet. But, how the heck are you supposed to know if a sofa will be comfortable when you haven’t seen it? felt it? sat on it? Don’t worry! I’ve done it successfully and you can too.

I believe the most important things are dimensions and cushion fill.


  1. SOFA LENGTH – measure the space where you want to place your sofa. Make sure there will be ample room to walk around. (If it’s hard to envision, use a piece of paper or cardboard cut to your desired size to simulate your sofa).

2. SEAT HEIGHT- The standard range is 15″ to 20″. If you’re taller (like 6feet+), a taller height might be more comfortable. The best way to know is to measure the height of sofas you’ve sat on and liked.

3. SEAT DEPTH- there is a big difference between sofa depth and seat cushion depth. When buying online, look for the seat cushion depth (it’s not always obvious on the website).

– If you like to sit erect or if you’re short and want your feet to touch the ground, shoot for a seat depth of 20-22 inches

– If you are really tall or like to cuddle, lounge or sit with your legs under you, shoot for 23+ inches (this is what I like)

You can go for a much higher seat depth if you decide you’re absolutely done with adulting and want to be completely swallowed up in your sofa. Just remember that if you have a small or narrow room, a really deep couch may look out of proportion.


  1. FOAM- the most common filling. High Density is firm but durable and low maintenance. Low Density is soft and not as durable. Memory Foam will mold to the body.
  2. FEATHERS (DOWN)- the softest filling but the most expensive and high maintenance. These cushions can get lumpy or look sloppy unless you fluff and rotate your cushions regularly.
  3. POLYESTER- it comes in various densities and each have their pros and cons.

There are other types or fillings and different mixes so make sure you do a bit more research.


  • Reviews Reviews Reviews!! I usually only consider things that have at least 4 out of 5 stars
  • Call customer service to ask about details that aren’t clear on the website. You can also request or buy swatches.
  • If you’re feeling really unsure, write down the dimensions and specifications of the sofa you like and then go into a local furniture store. Find something constructed similarly and sit on it! This will inform your choice.
  • Look for open box items (when an item is opened and then returned, some companies resell the item for a deep discount even though it’s brand new)! You can find these at: Amazon, Overstock & Wayfair.
  • Measure your doors and make sure you can get your new sofa inside. No netflix and chill in the front lawn sis.

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**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you whatsoever)!**

**Prices are correct at the time of publishing this post. Prices are likely to fluctuate**

Now that we’ve got the basics down, I went hunting (over a course of days you guys) to show you some of the best budget options from across the interwebs:




1. Dark Capsule Sofa w. USB[$379.99] | 2. Grandin Sofa [$469.99] | 3. Graham Sleeper [$399.99] | 4. Light Capsule Sofa w. USB [$419.99] | 5. Samara Sofa in Green [$499.99] | 6. Shayne Sofa[$429.99] | 7 Bonanno Sofa [$445.99] | 8 Brabham Sofa[$429.99] | 9. Ryler Sofa[$399.99] | 10. Tulsa Sleeper, Green [$298.99] | 11. Caitlin Sectional[$499.99] | 12. Tulsa Sleeper, Light Gray [$298.99] | 13. Garren Sofa [$342.99] | 14. Samara Sofa in Black[$374.99] | 15. Grattan Sofa Bed[$297.99] | 16. Obadiah Sofa[$309.99]

Others: Zardoni Sofa [$499.99] from Ashley Furniture

ONLINE SOFAS – $500-$1000


1. Fairchild Sofa[$929.99] | 2. Derry Sofa [$640.99] | 3. Roxbury Sofa[$796.99] | 4. Eva Down Filled Sofa[click link to view price on Amazon] | 5. Willilams Sofa[$859.99] | 6. Sven Sofa[$899] | 7. Volu Sofa [$699] | 8. Eden Sofa[$799.99] | 9. Blaisdell Sofa[$979.99] | 10. Quinn Sofa [$799] | 11. Phokas Sofa [$749.99] | 12. Peoria Sofa[$879.99] | 13. Stitch&Time Sofa [click link to view price on Amazon] | 14. Bulkley Sofa[$819.99] | 15. Stone and Beam Down Filled Sofa [click link to view price on Amazon] | 16. Lore Sofa [$759.99]

What do you think? I want to hear about your experiences buying furniture online. Nightmare or Godsend?

Comment below!

**I work really hard to only include products rated at least 4 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, reviews may change**

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